Computer Science Curriculum Lead

Position Description

We develop educational opportunities for many of the most eager math students in the world. We have trained tens of thousands of the country’s top math students in the last 15 years, and our international online community of advanced problem solvers has nearly 400,000 members. Our students need materials and applications specifically designed to train the people who are going to make many of the technological, mathematical, scientific, medical, and economic advances of the next generation.

We have the role for you if you poke around our site and wonder, “Why isn’t there an AoPS for computer science?” You want to inspire and educate the next generation of great programmers and computer scientists. You know what to do with the kids, starting from the early ages and ranging up through the superstars in high school. You just need a platform where you can reach them, a place where you can build the resources you wish you’d had when you were learning to code.

We have the kids. Amazing, eager students who don’t shy away from challenges. We just need a visionary CS educator to work with our team of developers and math educators to design and build a wide range of resources for our students, including:

  • Computer science classes for our online school and in-person AoPS Academy learning centers
  • Interactive activities for our online community of hundreds of thousands of outstanding problem-solvers
  • An introduction to programming and algorithmic thinking for the aspiring math beasts exploring our elementary school curriculum, Beast Academy
  • Application Process

    To apply, send to your cover letter, resume, and a link to or a document containing something you have produced to teach a pre-college student anything about computer science or programming.

    Successful applicants will complete one or two phone screens as well as a full-day interview in our offices in sunny San Diego.

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