For the Win! - Terms of Service

Thanks to MATHCOUNTS, AMC, and Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing for their contribution of thousands of problems to For The Win!

AoPS For the Win! Terms of Service

Updated August 14, 2013

AoPS For the Win! is an online multiplayer math game, based on thousands of problems from MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, the American Mathematics Competitions, the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, and other sources. If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to read the Documentation.

We expect all users of AoPS and For the Win! to be of high character and to behave appropriately at all times. Please use common sense while using FTW and the rest of the AoPS website. The following is a non-exhaustive list of FTW guidelines for For the Win!

  • No inappropriate language should be used (this includes acronyms and substituting letters to avoid language filter)
  • Cheating, by any method, is prohibited. Calculators are OK, but discouraged
  • Client modification to gain an unfair advantage or unauthorized access to services is forbidden
  • No excessive spam or usage of all CAPS
  • No discussion or performance of any type of illegal activity
  • Please avoid revealing personal information about yourself or others. This includes revealing email addresses, location, school, name, and other personally identifying information
  • Do not solicit personal information from others
  • Do not harass or bully other users, this includes name calling
  • Do not concern yourself with the actions of others or why they were muted/banned
  • Act responsibly, use common sense, and be respectful at all times
  • Follow all guidelines as outlined in the AoPS Terms and Conditions

AoPS Incorporated reserves the right to prohibit use, in part or in full, of For the Win! for any reason, including, but not limited to those reasons outlined above.

There is real-time chat available in AoPS For the Win! By playing For the Win! you understand that this chat is unmoderated and AoPS Incorporated cannot control and is not responsible for the content of the chat. (Chat can be disabled on the settings page.)

I understand the these guidelines for AoPS For the Win! and am willing and able to abide by them. Further, I understand that chat is not moderated and AoPS Incorporated is not responsible for messages that other users make in the provided chat. I understand this agreement may be modified at any time by AoPS Incorporated.


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