AoPS Recommended Reads: Halloween Graphic Novels

October 17, 2019

Looking for some new books to add your witch list? Check out these Halloween-themed graphic novels recommended by AoPS! Whether you’re looking for chills and thrills or a fun fall adventure, these scary-good reads are the only treat you’ll need to get in the Halloween spirit. 


Move over, picture books! As an elementary reader, you’re ready for the next level—and that means exciting chapter books with characters you can relate to. You love adventure, and of course you want something that tickles your funny bone. The more laughs, the better!

1. The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag

Your Perfect Halloween: bobbing for apples at your family’s annual Halloween party

What It’s About: Boys become shapeshifters, and girls become witches. That’s just the way things are. But Aster can’t help his not-so-secret desire to be a witch—especially since it turns out he has a real gift for magic. When a demon puts his family in danger, Aster knows he can help. But is using his forbidden magic worth the risk?

Read This If . . . you’re looking for an exciting new fantasy series! Check out the rest of Aster’s adventures in The Hidden Witch and The Midwinter Witch

2. Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner

Your Perfect Halloween: winning the school costume contest with your awesome monster get-up

What It’s About: Sixth-grader AJ has a huge crush on Nia, but she’s too obsessed with vampires to even notice him. His solution? Dress up as a vampire! AJ’s plan seems to be working until he learns a shocking secret. Nia doesn’t like vampires—she slays them. And now she’s got her eyes set on a new target . . . him!

Read This If . . . you feel like middle school would be more fun with monsters. This hilarious adventure is perfect if you like realistic stories with a supernatural twist.   

Middle Grade

As a middle grade reader, you understand that the world can be complicated. That’s why you’re looking for books that tackle important issues like family, friendship, and fitting in. Maybe you love realistic stories. Or maybe fantasy is more your thing. But what’s most important is that the characters have their own unique voices—just like you do!

3. Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Your Perfect Halloween: trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with all your friends

What It’s About: Marjorie does her best to keep the family laundromat running after her mother dies. But it’s a big responsibility. Too big for one middle-schooler to handle on her own. Wendell is a Dead Youth—an honest-to-Casper ghost, complete with white sheet. Risking his afterlife, Wendell sneaks back to the world of the living, only to stumble into Marjorie’s laundromat. Can he help his new friend save her family’s business? Or will he just make things worse? 

Read This If . . . you like stories that deal with tough issues in a playful and heartwarming way. This graphic novel is so good you might even find yourself offering to help with the laundry! 

4. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell

Your Perfect Halloween: hosting a Halloween-themed sleepover (just maybe not in a graveyard)

What It’s About: When a baby wanders into a graveyard after surviving a deadly attack, the spirits who live there adopt him as their own. Nobody “Bod” Owens grows up surrounded by friends, both living and dead. But the man who killed Bod’s family is still looking for him. And the graveyard can’t keep him safe forever.     

Read This If . . . you love ghost stories. But be warned! Seeing scary things can be very different from reading about them. If you’re bothered by violent images, try picking up the original novel instead. It’s just as creepy—plus, it won the Newbery Medal Award in 2009!

Young Adult

As a young adult reader, you’re looking for books that reflect your own experience. Whether it’s contemporary romance, epic fantasy, or dystopian sci-fi, you want relatable characters who face the same kinds of issues you encounter every day. Sometimes things get messy, but you’re mature enough to handle complex themes like love, violence, and identity. 

5. Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

Your Perfect Halloween: sipping on a pumpkin-spiced latte while you hand out candy with your BFF 

What It’s About: It’s Josiah and Deja’s last night working at the Pumpkin Patch. For straight-laced Josie, that means securing his spot as the Most Valuable Pumpkin Patch Person. But free-wheeling Deja has other plans: she’s determined to make the most of their last night together. That means helping Josie track down his long-time crush so he can finally confess his feelings. But will they find the elusive Fudge Girl in time?

Read This If . . . you love a good caramel apple! Not only is this romantic romp laugh-out-loud funny, it’s packed with delicious fall festival foods you’ll be craving way past October. (Pumpkin bombs, anyone?)

6. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Your Perfect Halloween: a visit to the nearest haunted house followed by a midnight screening of your favorite horror movie

What It’s About: Three sisters trapped in the snow, plagued by visions of a man in a wide-brimmed hat. A bride haunted by a mournful song that seems to come from inside the very walls. A beast in the woods and a brother’s terrible secret. This chilling collection of illustrated horror stories will make you think twice before venturing out into the night alone. 

Read This If . . . dark fairytales are your jam. Expect some genuine scares, as well as some downright creepy imagery guaranteed to haunt your nightmares.  

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