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Highlights from Math History: Charles Babbage and His Difference Engine

This week marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Babbage's death. One of the pioneers of modern computing, we discuss the math behind his "difference engine".

What Is Alcumus, And Why We Called It That

Named for a figure from the Odyssey, Alcumus is the free adaptive learning system at AoPS that helps students practice challenging material and improve their problem solving skills.

Don’t Fall into the Calculus Trap

For an avid student with great math skills, rushing through the standard curriculum is not the best answer. Take advantage of our online community and online classes to keep your student truly challenged.

Why Discrete Math is Important

Discrete math is often missing from middle and high school curricula. But in recent years, it’s become increasingly important because of what it teaches and how it sets students up for college math and beyond.