AoPS News Update: Self-Paced Prealgebra 2, New Beast Academy Videos, New Alcumus Material, and more

June 25, 2019

Curriculum Team Hard at Work on Self-Paced Prealgebra 2

Earlier this month, we introduced a brand new kind of class—a self-paced version of our Weekly Live Prealgebra 1 class. We designed the self-paced class for many kinds of students: those who want to complete assignments way faster than in our Weekly Live class, those who need more time to get their work done, or those aren’t quite ready for the speed of our real-time online classroom. Since then, lots of you have said “That looks great! But when will you be offering self-paced Prealgebra 2?” 

We’re not quite ready to offer self-paced Prealgebra 2, but we’re working on it! And, as long as everything stays on schedule, you should be able to enroll your student in this class come Fall 2019. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can!

More Level 2 Videos in Beast Academy Online 

Behind the scenes here at AoPS Headquarters, our team has also been busy adding videos to Beast Academy Online for Chapters 4 and 5 of Level 2. (Levels 3–5 already have a full set of videos.) 

These videos are a seriously fun way to learn interesting math concepts! For example, in the still below, Richard Rusczyk explains the Subtractiles puzzle in Level 2, Chapter 4. That caption behind Richard says “Fill in the empty shapes so that the number in each triangle is the difference of the numbers in the two squares the triangle touches.” The Subtractiles puzzles capture kids’ attention while sneakily also getting them to practice their subtraction skills. (We think they’re a lot more fun than filling out a worksheet full of subtraction problems!)  

New videos for Level 2 of Beast Academy Online show fun ways to learn math concepts.

Level 2 now has videos for Chapters 1–5, with the full set expected by this fall. If you have a BA Online subscription, check them out today

New Alcumus Material Coming Soon

Our problem writers will soon be adding a new subject to Alcumus, our free online math learning system. Can you guess what the new subject is? Share your guess with us on Facebook. (Bonus points if you can figure out angle ACB!)

AoPS's Alcumus learning center will feature new material soon, including challenging geometry problems.

AoPS Academy Johns Creek Now Accepting Applications

Great news for Atlanta-area families! AoPS Academy Johns Creek is now accepting applications for the 2019–2020 Academic Year. As part of the application process, the Johns Creek staff will meet with kids and their parents over the summer in order to place students at the right levels in our math and language arts classes for the fall. Get started and submit your application today

AoPS Helps Congratulate the US’s Top High School Math Olympians

Two weeks ago, some of the very best high school math students in the country attended a special ceremony in Washington, DC, where they were honored for their excellence in mathematical olympiads. And AoPS’s Dr. Dave Patrick and Dr. RJ Ashmore got to be there! 

The ceremony was organized by the Mathematical Association of America and held at the US Department of State. It honored the 12 students who earned the highest scores on the 48th Annual United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO), plus the 4 students on the US team who won the 8th Annual European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO), which was held this April in the Ukraine. 

At the ceremony, the MAA also announced the members of the US team for the 2019 International Mathematical Olympiad. There was time for light-hearted moments, too—including giggling when someone arrived late for the group photos: 

Dr. David Patrick, member of AoPS Board, joins AoPS students in celebrating their achievements during a special Mathematical Association of America ceremony.

Altogether, the winners of the 2019 USAMO have taken AoPS’s WOOT (Worldwide Online Olympiad Training) class 46 times—and have also taken 65 other AoPS courses. The EGMO champions have taken WOOT 12 times. And the six members of the US IMO team have taken WOOT 29 times, in addition to 22 other AoPS courses. 

Thoughts on Teaching Math, from Football-Player-turned-MIT-PhD-student John Urschel

As a kid, John Urschel, former guard for the Baltimore Ravens, used to think that “math class was something to be endured, not enjoyed.” When he got older, he earned a football scholarship to Penn State and majored in math, still thinking of the subject “as problem sets and laborious computations.” Then, Urschel writes, “one day, one of my professors summoned me to his office, handed me a book and suggested that I think about a particular problem.” 

Find out what happened next—and why Urschel says that a good football coach and a good math teacher have more in common than you’d think.

Classes Starting Soon

Feel like studying math, programming, or physics this summer? We’ve got several classes starting soon, including: 

Introduction to Programming with Python, Tuesdays (June 18–September 3)

Introduction to Algebra B, Wednesdays (June 19–October 2)

Prealgebra 2, Fridays (June 21–October 4) 

F=ma Problem Series, Mondays (June 24–September 16)

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