AoPS Update: Academies Open for Enrollment, Upcoming Math Jams, Features in Development, and More

April 22, 2019

AoPS Academies in Fremont and Santa Clara Open for Fall 2019 Enrollment

Great news for Silicon Valley families! We’re accepting applications for admission for the 2019–2020 Academic Year at the new Art of Problem Solving Academy campuses in Fremont and Santa Clara/Cupertino. Math and language arts classes for grades 2–12 will meet after school, in the early evening, and on weekends. Our most popular courses fill up fast, so make sure to start the application process as soon as you can!

Thoughts on Interdisciplinary Teaching, from an AoPS Academy Instructor

When Dr. Alessandra King isn’t teaching math at AoPS Academy Gaithersburg and AoPS Academy Vienna, she’s exploring math with her middle school students at the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland.

In a recent blog for other teachers, Dr. King describes how her school works to bring math outside the classroom. From field trips where students practice their estimation skills to civics lessons that explore ranked-choice voting systems and history classes that examine Mayan and Aztec numerical systems, Dr. King’s students are discovering “that mathematics is a tool they can use to quantitatively understand the world around them.” Awesome!

If that piqued your curiosity, check out the Mayan numerals for 1–19 below and learn more about Mayan mathematics.

Chart of Mayan Numerals from Bowditch (1910).
Maya Numerals. Reprinted from The Numeration, Calendar Systems and Astronomical Knowledge of the Mayas, by C. P. Bowditch, 1910, Cambridge, UK: University Press.

A Look at May’s Math Jams

Keep an eye out for these cool Math Jams in May, including:

Mathcamp 2019 Qualifying Quiz Math Jam—You joined us in March to talk with Marisa Debowsky about the 5-week-long summer program that is Mathcamp. Then you worked through the problems on the Mathcamp Qualifying Quiz and submitted your application. Now you’re ready to discuss the problems with us and Marisa on May 14. We can’t wait!

What’s Next After Beast Academy?—This special Math Jam will be on May 15, and is a “graduation” of sorts for Beast Academy fifth graders to see if they’re ready to move into AoPS Prealgebra. We’ll be working through some prealgebra problems, as well as introducing families to the online classroom and answering questions.

AoPS Summer Classes Math Jam—We’ve got a whole bunch of courses on offer for the summer, including Olympiad Geometry and a brand new F=ma Problem Series class. Join us to work through a few sample problems, discuss how AoPS courses work, and get all your questions answered on May 22.

Plus, we’ll also have a special Math Jam about Self-Paced Prealgebra 1 soon! Not sure what that is? Keep reading—we have more information for you below.

As always, visit our Math Jams page to see the full schedule and find out how to join.

What’s Going on at Beast Academy

The Beast Academy Online team recently launched videos—and they’re not stopping there! Now the team is hard at work on the Puzzle Lab, a rich collection of the problems and puzzles that students and teachers love. These puzzles can help make math even more fun. Plus, they’re one of the best tools we know for building young math beasts’ problem-solving skills. Keep an eye out for this feature to launch in time for the new school year!

Classes Starting Soon

Looking for a math course for the spring and summer? We’ve got several classes starting this week, including:

Prealgebra 2, Wednesdays (April 24–August 7)

Intro to Algebra A, Wednesdays (April 24–August 7)

Intro to Algebra B, Thursdays (April 25–August 15)

Intro to Geometry, Fridays (April 26–October 4)

A New Style of Class Coming to AoPS Online

You heard about it last week if you’re on our mailing list! And if you haven’t heard, great news—we’re going to be offering a self-paced option for students studying Prealgebra 1. Students who enroll in the self-paced class will be able to study math according to their own schedule, making it a great option for anyone who wants to work either faster or slower than our live, 16-week class—or who can’t attend classes from 4:30–6:00 pm, PT.

We’ll have more details next week, so check back soon!

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