AoPS Update: New AoPS Online Classes, Features in Beast Academy Online, IMO and IPhO Start, and More

July 5, 2019

More Options for AMC 8 Prep Coming in Fall 2019

Our Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar has more material this season. In fact it has so much material that we had to make a second version of the class! If you took it in the past, you took what we’re now calling “Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar A.” Now, in 2019, we also have a brand new Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar B that covers the same topics but with different problems. 

Both versions of the Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar are two-day weekend courses that help students prepare for the AMC 8 (which is the premier fall math contest for middle-school students). Students will learn problem-solving strategies and test-taking tactics, and also get to try their skills on a practice AMC 8 test. 

Participating in the AMC 8 is a great way for students to get the kind of problem-solving experience that will help them take the high-school-level AMC 10 and AMC 12 contests (which are fun in themselves, and are also the first stage in determining the US team for the International Mathematical Olympiad). 

This fall, we’ll offer Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar A on October 26-27, and Special AMC 8 Problem Seminar B on November 2-3. Sign up to reserve your spot today! 

Expanding our Online School Schedules

This Fall, for the very first time, we’ll be teaching a few of our regular AoPS Online Classes on Sundays. (As always, our Special AMC 8 Problem Seminars will be taught on the Saturday and Sunday of a single weekend.) 

Sunday classes will meet at the same time as our weekday classes, 4:30–6pm Pacific (7:30–9 pm Eastern). Here are the classes we’ll be offering on Sundays: 

More Videos in Beast Academy Online

We launched the Theater in BA Online a few months ago. Levels 3, 4, and 5 all have a full set of videos—and now Level 2 has videos through Chapter 6! Chapter 6 in Level 2 is called “Problem Solving” and it includes some fun, puzzle-type problems. Check out the screenshot below!

Screen shot of Richard Ruscyzk in the Beast Academy Online Theater

Beast Academy Online Play List is Live

If you’ve been using Beast Academy in the last month, you’ve already seen the new Play List feature! The Play List makes it easy for students to see their lessons, Guide book readings, and videos are all listed in one place and in order. Check it out today!

screen shot of the Beast Academy Online playlist

New Interactives for the Self-Paced Classes

Our team’s been hard at work on tools for the new self-paced classes we’re developing. These tools allow us to include many more interactive problems in our lessons and help us give more useful feedback to student responses.

We expect to be adding lots of these tools to our new self-paced classes, and implementing them in future updates to our live classes.

Want to learn more about our self-paced courses? Try out this short demo lesson! 

Want to Study Physics This Summer?

Two sections of our new F=ma Problem Series class started just last week. This class will help students prepare for the F=ma exam, which is the first in a series of contests that determines the US team for the International Physics Olympiad (but of course the F=ma is worth doing even if you’re not trying to make the national team). If you want to study physics this summer, there’s still time to sign up for one of these sections

Reminder: No Class on July 4

Remember that AoPS Online classes will not be meeting on Thursday, July 4. We’ll be spending Independence Day at the beach, playing frisbee and grilling some delicious veggie dogs. We hope you have a wonderful holiday too! (Or just a wonderful Thursday, if you’re not in the US.) Friday classes will meet as usual on July 5. 

IMO Starts on July 14

In two weeks, the International Mathematical Olympiad will be starting in Bath, United Kingdom. The IMO is the biggest, most prestigious math competition for high school students in the whole world—and AoPS students will be there, representing the United States! The six students on the US team have spent years studying math, and have collectively taken AoPS’s WOOT class a total of 29 times. 

IPhO Starts on July 7

The 2019 International Physics Olympiad will be held from July 7–15 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Students on the US team have spent years preparing for this moment—including taking AoPS’s PhysicsWOOT class this past year. 

Classes Starting Soon

Now that it’s July, you’re probably looking for a math class to get you through those long, hot days of summer and into the fall. The following classes will be starting this month: 

Prealgebra 2, Thursdays (July 11–October 24)
Weekly Live Prealgebra 1, Tuesdays (July 23–November 5)
Introduction to Algebra A, Tuesdays (July 23–November 5)

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