Beast Academy Online – Grade 2 Now Available

March 7, 2019

If you’ve been waiting and wishing that Beast Academy Online offered lessons and practice for your second grader…

You’re in luck! The future is now!

Last week, Beast Academy 2D became available for purchase, and at the same time, we updated Beast Academy Online to include the entirety of Grade 2 content.

This is no small task! The beloved Beast Academy books take months to create; while we’ve been working on the second grade books, we’ve also been working on additional content for BAO. With the addition of Grade 2 to Beast Academy Online, there’s now over 15,000 problems for students to practice, as well as over 800 lessons to guide students.

okay, our Academy Operations Director's kid might be a bit young for Beast Academy books

Okay, maybe little Alex is a bit young to start the books, but you get the idea.

Already have most of the Beast Academy second grade books? You can save on shipping, gain access to all the extra practice offered for second grade, AND get a sweet deal on all the materials for your student to move right into third grade. You can do that by getting the Beast Academy 2D book on its own, then ordering the Beast Academy Grade 3 Online + Book Bundle (you’ll have to select it from the drop down menu).

When using Beast Academy Online, especially with younger students, it’s often helpful to have a pencil and paper handy to try out the problems displayed on the screen. While you get access to digital versions of the guide books through BAO, we still recommend getting paper copies, too. Not only can you take those anywhere (we’ve received very touching stories of kids loving their books – one student apparently really enjoys reading them to his chickens!), but they also provide a way to read and practice in different places.

Which, speaking of – we LOVE it when you folks send us those adorable photos of your kids loving their Beast Academy books. Please send us more at!

Particularly if your child is prone to reading to the local poultry.

a cute baby chicken
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