Self-Paced Prealgebra 1 course access opens in June

May 22, 2019

In two weeks, we’ll launch our newest course: self-paced Prealgebra 1. We’ve been working on this course for over a year, and we’re excited to finally open it to the world!

We recently talked about self-paced courses in detail on AoPS News, and next week we’ll hold a Math Jam to discuss the course. If you’re eager to ask questions, join us on Tuesday, May 28th, at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 PT).

How do I enroll?

You can pre-enroll now for self-paced Prealgebra 1 on the Prealgebra 1 Self-Paced course page. We are offering pre-enrollments to ensure that when the course begins on June 4, there will be enough students to engage in meaningful discussions on the class message boards. Students who have pre-enrolled will gain immediate access to the course on June 4, and will have 9 months of unlimited access.

Once the course begins on June 4, new students may enroll at any time. Since the course is self-paced, there are no fixed starting dates or class times. Access begins at the time of enrollment and lasts for 9 months. Students can complete the course at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Do I need books?

The AoPS Prealgebra textbook is required for this course. You can order books during the enrollment process. We generally recommend using the Online book with the course, but students may use the physical textbooks if they prefer. Students must be signed in to the AoPS website to access their Online books on any desktop, laptop, or tablet with a modern web browser (this does not include most Kindle devices, or Nook devices). Online books cannot be downloaded and read while offline.

What happens if I change my mind about enrolling?

In our weekly live courses, you have up until the 3rd class to drop the course. Our self-paced courses will naturally operate a little differently: you’ll instead have 14 days after enrollment to drop the course for a refund.

We want to make sure we are providing students with the right class, so we encourage students to switch if they find that their first choice isn’t meeting their needs. If you want to switch from a weekly live course to a self-paced course, or from self-paced to the weekly live course, you can do so by contacting us at within the drop period.

I have more questions!

On May 28th, we’re having a Math Jam all about self-paced classes! The Math Jam will cover all the questions you might have about the course before it begins. Deven Ware, the lead curriculum developer for our self-paced courses, will lead the discussion and answer questions.

What should I do to participate?

In order to take part in a Math Jam, you (or your student) will need a free AoPS Online account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to make one – we’ve made this video to show you how.

If your student is under 13, it’s important to create an account early so that you can get the necessary COPPA paperwork submitted ahead of time.

How to join the Math Jam

Make sure you’re logged in to with your AoPS Online account. About 10 minutes before the Math Jam is scheduled to begin, you’ll see a dark blue bar (the classroom bar) appear near the top of the site, with text about the Math Jam as shown below:

AoPS Math Jams are a great way to talk about math—and you join them by clicking on the blue bar like in this image.

When you click the bar, you’ll be taken to the Math Jam. It should last about an hour and a half.

We’ll see you in one week! Remember, the Math Jam is on Tuesday, May 28th at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 PT).

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