Weekly Update: Spring Classes Starting, Special Weekend Seminars, WWTBAM and more

January 18, 2019
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Spring AoPS Online Courses Starting

A Prealgebra 2 class, taught by Alyssa Zisk, starts on January 17. Alyssa studies brain-computer interfaces in the PhD program in interdisciplinary neuroscience at the University of Rhode Island). Outside of math and computation, Alyssa loves writing and reading science fiction.

An Introduction to Counting & Probability class, taught by Christian Hokaj, starts on January 18. Christian is a graduate student in math at Purdue University, where he works on padic Hodge Theory. For fun, Christian likes to play board games and go skiing and hiking.

An Introduction to Algebra B class, taught by Kaitlin Maile, starts on January 18. Kaitlin is currently studying for her PhD in computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. When she isn’t thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kaitlin enjoys rock climbing, acro yoga, and cooking.

A Precalculus class, taught by Dr. Remus Nicoara, starts on January 18. Remus earned perfect scores in the Romanian National Math Olympiad twice back when he was in high school, went on to get his PhD in math at UCLA, and is currently an associate professor in the Math Department at the University of Tennessee. Remus’s hobbies include meditating, gardening, and playing video games.

Plus, AoPS’s Special AMC 10 Problem Seminar A and Special AMC 12 Problem Seminar A, will be held Saturday January 19 and Sunday January 20. These special, one-weekend seminars help students prepare for the AMC 10 and AMC 12 exams. Lessons will focus on algebra, counting and probability, number theory, and geometry. The Seminars are taught by Alina Kononov, Miles Dillon Edwards, Dr. Dan Kneezel, and Dr. Jon Joseph.

Plus, the Seminars include the chance to take brand-new mock AMC exams that we wrote ourselves. Next weekend’s B Seminars feature the same topics but have totally different practice problems and mock exams—which means you could take both an A Seminar and a B Seminar without getting bored!

To see what other courses will be starting soon, check out our course listings: Spring 2019 Online Class Schedule.

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Finals in Baltimore!

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Finalists
Finalists posing with David Patrick in Baltimore

WWTBAM is a fast-paced math game, organized by the American Mathematical Society, where high school students answer multiple-choice math questions to compete for cash and prizes. Now, 12 contestants are gathering for the final round at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland. This year’s final champions are Alex Chung, of Virginia; Anudeep Golla, of Colorado; Connor Gordon, of Florida; Maximillian Guo, of Ohio; Olivia Guo, of the UK; Howard Halim, of Canada (who was a WWTBAM finalist in 2018); Michael Han, of Iowa; Brian Liu, of New Jersey (also a 2018 WWTBAM finalist); Praneet Mekala, of Massachusetts; Steven Qu, of Maryland; Luke Robitaille, of Texas; and Tristan Shin, of California.

Tune in Saturday, January 19 at 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific) to watch a livestream of the finals!

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