Weekly Update: AMC 10/12 Registrations ending, F=ma Exams, Classes Starting, and more

January 22, 2019
Deadlines for the AMC 10 and AMC 12 exams

Two of the biggest math competitions for high school students have registration deadlines this week.

AMC 10/12 A regular registration deadlines are January 22, 2019, and the late registration is on the 25th. The AMC 10/12 A competition takes place on February 7.

If you want to discuss the problems on the test, AoPS is holding a Math Jam to discuss it on Friday, February 8, at 7:00 pm ET.

Those choosing to take the AMC 10/12 B test have until January 28 for regular registration, and up to January 31 to make it for the late registration. The AMC 10/12 B competition takes place February 13.

The Math Jam to discuss the B version of the test will be held on February 14, at 7:00 pm ET.

If you’re considering taking the AMC tests next year, having the basic subjects mastered will be a major help. This week, we have several classes starting that will help future competitors succeed.

Subject classes beginning this week are Prealgebra 1, Introduction to Algebra A, and Introduction to Geometry—all helpful subjects to be confident in before sitting for the exam. Or, if you’ve already mastered the introductory topics, we offer a special weekend seminar to help students prepare. We have seminars helpful for either the AMC 10 or the AMC 12, and this weekend is the last weekend we’re holding one before the contest—so sign up soon!

The only two testing dates for students eager to participate in F=ma are January 23 & January 25, 2019. The F=ma competition is sponsored jointly by the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics and is used to select the team of students representing the United States at the International Physics Olympiad Competition (IPhO). If you or a student you know is eager to be on the US IPhO team, you can prepare with other top students in the country through our PhysicsWOOT program. Enrollment for the 2019/2020 academic year will open later this spring.

Carnegie Mellon is also holding a math and computer science competition this week! The Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition (CMIMC) takes place at the University on January 26.

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