Weekly Update: Math League, MATHCOUNTS, and more new classes starting

January 29, 2019

If you have an aspiring math champion in grades 4 or 5, the registration deadline for participating in the Math League is January 31st. You can see additional details about the contest dates by visiting the Math League website.

Last month, the MATHCOUNTS school competitions were taking place all over the US, and this month, the next step in competitions begins! Up to 10 students per school will advance to compete in their local Chapter competition. Schools are able to send a team of 4, as well as 6 individual students, to the various competitions.

MATHCOUNTS competition ceremony

Good luck to the February MATHCOUNTS competitors! Those looking forward to competing next year (or who didn’t make it this year) might want to look into specific prep courses to help train. Students trying MATHCOUNTS for the first time next year might find our Basics preparation course helpful, while those who hope to get further in competitions will see the most benefit from our Advanced course.

This week sees the end of the Rocket City Math League Round 1 testing! The contest is a year long and is student run. You can learn more about Rocket City Math League and how to participate at their website.

Two Prealgebra 2 classes start this week at the same time (January 28, at 7:30 pm ET), due to high demand to attend. If you’d rather enroll in a Tuesday or Wednesday class, we’ll have classes starting later this month on those days.

We also have an Introduction to Algebra B course starting on Monday, January 28 at 7:30 pm ET.

No time for a spring course? Our summer schedule will be announced soon—sign up to hear about new class announcements here!

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