Weekly Update: Special AIME Seminars, new courses in the works, and more

March 4, 2019

This first week of March, we’ve got new online lessons for young math beasts and AoPS Online problem solvers alike!

Looking for more math practice before you take your final exams? Try our Alcumus online learning system. It’s totally free to use. And it’s a great way to review material from pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra.

If you missed our announcement last week, we have some exciting news! After a long wait, Beast Academy 2D is back from the printers and ready to order, just in time for the end of the school year. You’ll find it on the Beast Academy website, along with the rest of the Grade 2 books.

Picture of Alex, Lizzie, Winnie, and Grogg from Beast Academy celebrating that Beast Academy 2D is FINALLY DONE.

For our physics phans, you’ll be excited to know that we’ve been working on an F=ma Problem Series to help prepare students for taking the F=ma exam. This important exam helps determine the members of the US team for the International Physics Olympiad! AoPS courses, like the upcoming physics problem series, help students new to this type of problem solving learn the skills and strategies they’ll need if they want to score well on the exam. Learn more about the F=ma Problem Series and sign up on the course page.

We also have more spring classes starting this week, which include:

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