We’re Hosting a Special Online Discussion about Prealgebra 1

May 1, 2019

If your child is getting close to the end of Beast Academy Grade 5, or finishing another elementary math curriculum, you may find yourself wondering What’s next?

That’s a great question—and we have answers. We’re also having a special online discussion at artofproblemsolving.com just for parents and students who are finishing elementary math, on Wednesday, May 15, at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 PT).

Image of Winnie, Grogg, Lizzie, and Alex throwing their graduation caps in the air after finishing Beast Academy—and getting ready to move on to AoPS Prealgebra 1.

What It’s About

This online discussion is designed to give students a taste of AoPS Online classes and learn more about what Prealgebra 1 will be like. (We call these discussions “Math Jams” because they let us talk about math with our students in a fairly informal setting.)

During the “What’s Next After Beast Academy?” Math Jam, AoPS instructors will work through some math problems with students and answer questions of all kinds: questions about the math itself, questions about Prealgebra 1 class, questions about AoPS, you name it. (There are usually questions about pets, favorite colors, and what we think is the best-ever kind of ice cream—make sure to ask!)

We’ll be running a live Q&A just for parents on the Beast Academy Facebook page at the same time. That way, you can let your child have fun doing math in the Math Jam while you get answers to your questions.

What to Do Now

In order to take part in the Math Jam, your student will need a free AoPS Online account.

Don’t have one?

Get started today so that your child’s account is ready to go before May 15. We made this video to show you how to create an account.

How to Join the Math Jam

At about 7:20 pm ET (4:20 PT) on May 15, use your Art of Problem Solving Online username to log in to artofproblemsolving.com.

You’ll see a dark blue bar on the top of the site with some text about the Math Jam. (It should look like the image below.)

AoPS Math Jams are a great way to talk about math—and you join them by clicking on the blue bar like in this image.

Once you click on that bar, you’ll be in the Math Jam. It should last about 70 minutes or so.

One Last Thing

Pro Tip: Students will want to be able to participate in the discussion, so we recommend that your child use a device that’s easy to type on (like a laptop or a tablet with an external keyboard).

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