Georgia Tech High School Math Competition

The Georgia Tech High School Mathematics Competition is an annual math tournament hosted and run by the School of Mathematics and Pi Mu Epsilon of the Georgia Institute of Technology (better known as Georgia Tech). The 2014 competition will occur on Saturday, February 15, 2014.


There are currently no distinction between junior varsity and varsity (though this distinction existed in previous years, it was abolished in the 2013 competition). All contestants compete in a single division, though only 11th and 12th graders are eligible for scholarships to Georgia Tech. Middle schoolers are also welcome to compete. Teams may contain up to five students each, and a school may register up to five separate teams.

The competition begins with a 90-minute, 30-question multiple choice test. Each question is worth three points, and there is no deduction for incorrect answers. The top quintile of contestants from this round will participate in the proof-based test round later in the day.

The second round consists of ten ciphering questions, each of which contestants have three minutes to answer. Each correct answer is worth five points. Each team's score is determined by the top four multiple-choice scores plus the top four ciphering scores on the team (these scores need not come from the same four contestants).

After lunch, there is a two-hour, six-question proof test. These papers are graded by School of Mathematics faculty and graduate students. Individual placement is based solely on performance in this exam. The top ten individuals will be recognized, and the top three 11th and 12th graders will receive scholarships to Georgia Tech.

Contestants not participating in the proof test will take a team test in which they, in groups, attempt to solve seven problems in 90 minutes. The winning team in this test usually receives a prize such as Georgia Tech memorabilia. The teams for this test need not correspond to registration teams (and may even have contestants from different schools).

Registration is online at [1]. The cost is $15 per contestant, which includes lunch and a T-shirt for the contestant. One lunch is also provided per school (for the coach). Extra lunches and T-shirts may also be ordered. The fee for parking is stated to be $7 per vehicle, though in the past Georgia Tech Parking Services sometimes has not collected parking fees on the day of the competition.

The registration deadline is currently February 1, 2014, but registration may close early if all available spots are taken. For further details, consult the competition website.


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