Greetings everyone! I am Lord.of.AMC, and can go here by LoA, AMC, Lord.of.AMC, the more slangish "Lordie," or on especially rare occasions, "Bad Loed" or equivalent. Please do not use the last one frequently; it sounds quite awkward and can result in decently harsh consequences.

I am also very against the usage of real names in chat. Any usage (which I have confirmed to be the actual real name of the person whose name is used) from now on will be reported to admins on sight. I applaud you (scornfully) for being able to find my real name, but please keep it to yourselves and do not openly reveal it on a public site like this. That is very insensitive behaviour.

I am also practising my usage of British spellings and grammar! You may private message me with any thoughts on this matter, although I will deny requests that are blatantly incorrect. Again, practice makes perfect!

Contest Results!

2010, my 4th grade year: This was my first year I seriously started doing contest math. 20 on AMC 8, 90 on AMC 10A, 96 on 10B.

2011, my 5th grade year: I improved quite a bit. 22 on AMC 8, 121.5 on AMC 10A, and 115.5 on AMC 10B. Hey, that 121.5 actually cleared the AIME cutoff! 4 on AIME.

2012, my 6th grade year: 24 on AMC 8, 114 on AMC 10A, 124.5 on AMC 10B. 8 on AIME, so 204.5 JMO index, the cutoff was 204, so I made it! Hey! 3 on JMO. Also, in MathCounts, 41 at chapter --> 36th place. Pretty pathetic. I need to improve.

2013, my 7th grade year: ? on AMC 8, 123 on AMC 10A, and 141 on AMC 10B. 8 on AIME again. 221 JMO index; hope that makes it. MathCounts: 41 at chapter gets me 7th, and 41 at state gets me 15th. Need to improve more. I still have one year left.

2014, my 8th grade year:


You may check out my blog here. Please do not abuse. I would also like suggestions on accepting contributors (as I am terrible at this, and usually my contributors don't do anything or do not post content that I feel appropriate).

Other Competitions

I also do the competitions Codeforces, and TopCoder. Due to the trending AoPS phrase "Bad Toed" used to describe user User:AwesomeToad, they are usually replaced with names Toedforces and TopToeder. According to another AoPS user, I seem to suck at both of these competitions.

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