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(A) B (B) G (C) O (D) R (E) Y
(A) B (B) G (C) O (D) R (E) Y
(A) B: When G is arranged to be
(A) B: When G is arranged to be

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Six squares are colored, front and back, (R=red, B=blue, O=orange, Y=yellow, G=green, and W=white). They are hinged together as shown, then folded to form a cube. The face opposite the white face is (A) B (B) G (C) O (D) R (E) Y


(A) B: When G is arranged to be the base, B is the back face and W is the front face. Thus, B is opposite W . OR Let Y be the top and fold G, O, and W down. Then B will fold to become the back face and be opposite W .

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