1999 USAMO Problems/Problem 3


Let $p > 2$ be a prime and let $a,b,c,d$ be integers not divisible by $p$, such that \[\left\{ \dfrac{ra}{p} \right\} + \left\{ \dfrac{rb}{p} \right\} + \left\{ \dfrac{rc}{p} \right\} + \left\{ \dfrac{rd}{p} \right\} = 2\] for any integer $r$ not divisible by $p$. Prove that at least two of the numbers $a+b$, $a+c$, $a+d$, $b+c$, $b+d$, $c+d$ are divisible by $p$. (Note: $\{x\} = x - \lfloor x \rfloor$ denotes the fractional part of $x$.)


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