2001 AIME I Problems/Problem 3

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Find the sum of the roots, real and non-real, of the equation $x^{2001}+\left(\frac 12-x\right)^{2001}=0$, given that there are no multiple roots.


From Vieta's formulas, we just need to find the first two terms.

From the Binomial Theorem, the first term of $left(\frac 12-x\right)^{2001}$ (Error compiling LaTeX. ! Extra \right.) is $-x^{2001}$, but $x^{2001}+-x^{2001}=0$, so the first term has $x^{2000}$ in it, not $x^{2001}$. So we find that term, and the term with $x^{1999}$.



Applying Vieta's Formulas, we get that the sum of the roots is


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