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== Problem ==
In [[triangle]] <math>ABC</math>, angles <math>A</math> and <math>B</math> measure <math>60</math> degrees and <math>45</math> degrees, respectively. The [[angle bisector|bisector]] of angle <math>A</math> intersects <math>\overline{BC}</math> at <math>T</math>, and <math>AT=24</math>. The area of triangle <math>ABC</math> can be written in the form <math>a+b\sqrt{c}</math>, where <math>a</math>, <math>b</math>, and <math>c</math> are positive integers, and <math>c</math> is not divisible by the square of any prime. Find <math>a+b+c</math>.
== See also ==
== See also ==
{{AIME box|year=2001|n=I|num-b=3|num-a=5}}
{{AIME box|year=2001|n=I|num-b=3|num-a=5}}

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