2004 AMC 8 Problems/Problem 23


Tess runs counterclockwise around rectangular block $JKLM$. She lives at corner $J$. Which graph could represent her straight-line distance from home?

[asy] unitsize(5mm); pair J=(-3,2); pair K=(-3,-2); pair L=(3,-2); pair M=(3,2);  draw(J--K--L--M--cycle); label("$J$",J,NW); label("$K$",K,SW); label("$L$",L,SE); label("$M$",M,NE); [/asy]



For her distance to be represented as a constant horizontal line, Tess would have to be running in a circular shape with her home as the center. Since she is running around a rectangle, this is not possible, rulling out $B$ and $E$ with straight lines. Because $JL$ is the diagonal of the rectangle, and $L$ is at the middle distance around the perimeter, her maximum distance should be in the middle of her journey. The maximum in $A$ is at the end, and $C$ has two maximums, ruling both out. Thus the answer is $\boxed{\textbf{(D)}}$.

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