2013 UMO Problems/Problem 1

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Consider the following diagram.

[asy] path S=polygon(4); D(S,black+linewidth(.75)); D(shift(sqrt(2),0)*S,black+linewidth(.75)); D(shift(2*sqrt(2),0)*S,black+linewidth(.75)); D(shift(sqrt(2),sqrt(2))*S,black+linewidth(.75)); D(shift(2*sqrt(2),sqrt(2))*S,black+linewidth(.75)); D(shift(2*sqrt(2),2*sqrt(2))*S,black+linewidth(.75)); [/asy]

(a) Show that you can retrace the diagram without lifting up your pencil using exactly nine (possibly overlapping) line segments.

(b) Show that you cannot retrace the diagram in the same way using eight or fewer segments.


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