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Triangle $ABC_0$ has a right angle at $C_0$. Its side lengths are pariwise relatively prime positive integers, and its perimeter is $p$. Let $C_1$ be the foot of the altitude to $\overline{AB}$, and for $n \geq 2$, let $C_n$ be the foot of the altitude to $\overline{C_{n-2}B}$ in $\triangle C_{n-2}C_{n-1}B$. The sum $\sum_{i=1}^\infty C_{n-2}C_{n-1} = 6p$. Find $p$.

Solution 1

Note that by counting the area in 2 ways, the first altitude is $\dfrac{ac}{b}$. By similar triangles, the common ratio is $\dfrac{a}{c}$ for reach height, so by the geometric series formula, we have $6p=\dfrac{\dfrac{ab}{c}}{1-\dfrac{a}{c}}$. Multiplying by the denominator and expanding, the equation becomes $\dfrac{ab}{c}=6a+6b+6c-\dfrac{6a^2}{c}-\dfrac{6ab}{c}-6a$. Cancelling $6a$ and multiplying by $c$ yields $ab=6bc+6c^2-6a^2-6ab$, so $7ab = 6bc+6b^2$ and $7a=6b+6c$. Checking for Pythagorean triples gives $13,84,$ and $85$, so $p=13+84+85=\boxed{182}$

Solution modified/fixed from Shaddoll's solution.

Solution 2

We start by splitting the sum of all $C_{n-2}C_{n-1}$ into two parts: those where $n-2$ is odd and those where $n-2$ is even.

First consider the sum of the lengths of the segments for which $n-2$ is odd for each $n\geq2$. The perimeters of these triangles can be expressed using $p$ and ratios that result because of similar triangles. Considering triangles where $n-2$ is odd, we find that the perimeter for each such $n$ is $p(\frac{C_{n-1}C_{n}}{C_{0}B})$. Thus,



$\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}C_{2n-1}C_{2n}=6C_{0}B + \frac{(C_{0}B)^2}{p}=C_{0}B(6+\frac{C_{0}B}{p})$. (1)

Continuing with a similar process for the sum of the lengths of the segments for which $n-2$ is even, the following results:



$\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}C_{2n-2}C_{2n-1}=C_{0}B(7-\frac{C_{0}B}{p})$. (2)

Adding (1) and (2) together, we find that

$6p=13C_{0}B \Rightarrow p=\frac{13C_{0}B}{6}=C_{0}B+C_{0}A+AB \Rightarrow \frac{7C_{0}B}{6}=C_{0}A+AB \Rightarrow 7C_{0}B=6C_{0}A + 6AB$.

Setting $a=C_{0}B$, $b=C_{0}A$, and $c=AB$, we can now proceed as in Shaddoll's solution, and our answer is $p=13+84+85=\boxed{182}$.

Solution by brightaz

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