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2020 AIME I Problems/Problem 11

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Either $f(2)=f(4)$ or not. If it is, note that Vieta's forces $a = -6$. Then, $b$ can be anything. However, $c$ can also be anything, as we can set the root of $g$ (not equal to $f(2) = f(4)$) to any integer, producing a possible integer value of $d$. Therefore there are $21^2 = 441$ in this case. If it isn't, then $f(2),f(4)$ are the roots of $g$. This means by Vieta's, that:

\[f(2)+f(4) = -c \in [-10,10]\] \[20 + 6a + 2b \in [-10,10]\] \[3a + b \in [-15,5].\]

Solving these inequalities while considering that $a \neq -6$ to prevent $f(2) = f(4)$, we obtain $69$ possible tuples and adding gives $441+69=\boxed{510}$. ~awang11

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