2021 AIME II Problems/Problem 12

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A convex quadrilateral has area $30$ and side lengths $5, 6, 9,$ and $7,$ in that order. Denote by $\theta$ the measure of the acute angle formed by the diagonals of the quadrilateral. Then $\tan \theta$ can be written in the form $\tfrac{m}{n}$, where $m$ and $n$ are relatively prime positive integers. Find $m + n$.


Since we are asked to find $\tan \theta$, we can find $\sin \theta$ and $\cos \theta$ separately and then use those values to find $\tan \theta$. Let us first draw a diagram of this quadrilateral.

[asy] unitsize(4cm); pair A,B,C,D,X; A = (0,0); B = (1,0); C = (1.25,-1); D = (-0.75,-0.75); draw(A--B--C--D--cycle,black+1bp); X = intersectionpoint(A--C,B--D); draw(A--C); draw(B--D); label("$A$",A,NW); abel("$B$",B,NE); label("$C$",C,SE); label("$D$",D,SW); dot(X); label("$X$",X,S); label("$5$",(A+B)/2,N) label("$6$",(B+C)/2,E); label("$9$",(C+D)/2,S); label("$7$",(D+A)/2,W); label("$\theta$",X,2.5E); label("$a$",(A+X)/2,NE); label("$b$",(B+X)/2,NW); label("$c$",(C+X)/2,SW); label("$d$",(D+X)/2,SE); [/asy]

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