2021 IMO Problems/Problem 3

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Let $D$ be an interior point of the acute triangle $ABC$ with $AB > AC$ so that $\angle DAB= \angle CAD$. The point $E$ on the segment $AC$ satisfies $\angle ADE= \angle BCD$, the point $F$ on the segment $AB$ satisfies $\angle FDA= \angle DBC$, and the point $X$ on the line $AC$ satisfies $CX=BX$. Let $O_1$ and $O_2$ be the circumcentres of the triangles $ADC$ and $EXD$ respectively. Prove that the lines $BC$, $EF$, and $O_1 O_2$ are concurrent.

Video solution

https://youtu.be/cI9p-Z4-Sc8 [Video contains solutions to all day 1 problems]

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