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Currently: Accepting sign-ups!
Note: The tournament will commence when the game in the Games and Fun Factory is over! Also, this article is more updated than the information in the topic; so if there are any discrepancies, then this probably has the correct information!


Each team will consist of either 4 or 5 players. It is suggested only people who already know each other make teams of 5 people as it can be harder to communicate with more people. Players can agree between themselves and create their own teams. Others who haven't made their own teams will be randomized into teams.

During the tournament, a team cannot request to have another player added to their team unless one of their players cannot participate anymore. Players cannot switch teams, so choose wisely if you pick your own teams.


A team must post a move within 2 days after the other team's move. Each time a team fails to do so (unless there is a good reason), a warning will be issued. 5 warnings will result in disqualification.

The use of computers, chess programs, and other devices that give your team an advantage is not allowed. This rule cannot be strictly enforced, but hopefully people will play fairly as this tournament is for fun only.

Tournament Format

Depending on the amount of players and teams, there will be several rounds of Swiss, followed by single elimination for the final rounds. For the final game, 3 days will be allowed per move.

Signing Up

Before signing up, please make sure you will be able to participate. I_like_pie will accept sign ups via post in the original topic, <url>privmsg.php?mode=post&u=22236 PM</url>, or email (

List of Players

35 Players:

  1. i_like_pie
  2. 7h3.D3m0n.117
  3. cincodemayo5590
  4. BoesFX
  5. Temperal
  6. shaggy75
  7. Tenoreoz
  8. #H34N1
  9. abacadaea
  10. nayel
  11. not_trig
  12. bubka
  13. AnonAmoz
  14. davidyko
  15. toadoncart
  16. Ars
  17. bos1234
  18. Hamster1800
  19. TheDropOutBoy
  20. mz94
  21. rem
  22. ProtestanT
  23. Farrell
  24. D3m0n Shad0w
  25. azjps
  26. Lawrence Wu
  27. miyomiyo
  28. ZeroFive1
  29. chessplayingballer
  30. CircleSquared
  31. Rafaelloaa
  32. nitish
  33. DonkeyKong
  34. moogra
  35. snee

List of Teams

Team Alpha ($\alpha$)

  1. i_like_pie - Poster
  2. 7h3.D3m0n.117 - Substitute Poster
  3. cincodemayo5590
  4. D3m0n Shad0w
  5. TheDropOutBoy

Team Beta ($\beta$)

  1. Temperal - Poster
  2. #H34N1 - Substitute Poster
  3. CircleSquared
  4. abacadaea

Team Gamma ($\gamma$)

  1. nayel - Poster
  2. BoesFX - Substitute Poster
  3. mz94
  4. shaggy75

Team Delta ($\delta$)

  1. AnonAmoz - Poster
  2. nitish - Substitute Poster
  3. Rafaelloaa
  4. Lawrence Wu

Team Epsilon ($\varepsilon$)

  1. not_trig - Poster
  2. Hamster1800 - Substitute Poster
  3. -- OPEN --
  4. -- OPEN --
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