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*Game 1: Team Alpha(White) vs. Team Theta (Black)
*Game 1: <b>Team Alpha</b> (White) vs. <b>Team Theta</b> (Black)
*Game 2: Team Beta(White) vs. Team Eta(Black)
*Game 2: <b>Team Beta</b> (White) vs. <b>Team Eta</b> (Black)
*Game 3: Team Gamma(White) vs. Team Zeta(Black)
*Game 3: <b>Team Gamma</b> (White) vs. <b>Team Zeta</b> (Black)
*Game 4: Team Delta(White) vs. Team Epsilon(Black)  
*Game 4: <b>Team Delta</b> (White) vs. <b>Team Epsilon</b> (Black)

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Round 1 will commence on December 7th!


  • Game 1: Team Alpha (White) vs. Team Theta (Black)
  • Game 2: Team Beta (White) vs. Team Eta (Black)
  • Game 3: Team Gamma (White) vs. Team Zeta (Black)
  • Game 4: Team Delta (White) vs. Team Epsilon (Black)


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