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Welcome to our community portal. This is the page to learn about using/editing the AoPSWiki, discover what is currently on-going on the AoPSWiki, and view important guidelines and policies that editors should abide by.


Main article: AoPSWiki:About

What makes AoPSWiki different from other math-related wikis and web resources is that the AoPSWiki is more involved in problem-solving techniques than most other math dictionaries or math encyclopedias (which are usually written on the level of professional mathematicians).

Getting Started

Help Out

As a fairly new wiki, the AoPSWiki needs the help of many contributors. Here are some ways to help improve the quality of the AoPSWiki.

  • Create an non-existant article.
  • Edit existing articles to fix errors (both grammatical and mistakes) or to add more information.
  • De-stub a short article.
  • Create and upload relevant images.
  • Add solutions to problems that lack them.
  • Support the AoPSWiki.
  • Spread the word about the AoPSWiki.

  1. REDIRECT AoPSWiki:Requests

Dirty Work

If you're really patient, you can do some of the boring work on the wiki:

  • Add this template: Template:Main, this one: Template:Image and this one: Template:Stub to lacking articles.
  • Move the articles in the AoPSWiki: namespace that are tutorials to the Namespace:
  • Transfer AMC/AIME/USAMO/IMO problems onto the wiki.
  • Put articles into categories. Here are five of the most lacking categories:
    • (as well as it's subcategory, trig)
    • (also formulas in this one)


In order to maintain an orderly wiki, the AoPSWiki contains a set of general guidelines and policies that editors should always follow.



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