AoPS Wiki:Deletion policy

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Articles on the AoPSWiki can be deleted by administrators.

To ask for the deletion of an article, use {{delete|reason}}.


In general, the guidelines for deletion are far less strict than those of Wikipedia, for example.

The following types of articles should be deleted without question:

  • Blatant vandalism.
  • Test pages.
  • Unnecessary redirects.
  • Talk pages of deleted articles.
  • Advertisements
  • Subjects that do not belong in the Wiki (as determined by AoPSWiki admins)
  • Non-notable subjects (such as an educational website, book, etc.) are generally not deleted if they contain a neutral, thorough coverage of the section and the topic of the article is suitable for AoPSWiki.

Other solutions include:

  • Merging the article into a related article.
  • Moving the article to a different namespace.
  • Reducing the article to a stub.
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