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This page should really be made to describe how AoPS works. For more detail about what and what not to include, see this forum post.


Can I change my user name?

No, this functionality is not enabled for both technical and abuse reasons. This is why when you register an account, it says in big, bold, red letters: Please choose your username carefully as you are not able to change it once registered.

What do the stars under my username next to a forum post represent?

These stars represent the number of posts you have made in the forum. As you make more posts, more of the stars will fill. You could figure out how many posts are necessary to achieve a certain amount of stars by looking at other users, or you could decide to leave it for your own surprise.

What is the difference between a forum, a thread, and a post?

Each blob of text that is posted by a user is a post. Posts that are grouped together (and numbered) make up a thread. A forum consisted of a catalog of all the threads within it.

If I make more posts, it means I'm a better user, right?

Post quality is more important than post quantity, which is the reason the rating system exists.

Who can see my post rating?

Only you, moderators, and administrators.

How do I get problems onto the contest page?

Make a topic for each question in the appropriate forum, copy/paste the urls to the National Olympiad. Your problems may eventually be submitted into the Contest page.

Can I be a moderator?

No. Asking to be one is a bad idea. Only the admins decide is a moderator is needed.


Where can I find past contest questions and solutions?

In the Contests section.

Who can I ask to add posts to the contests section?

Any one of the members in the the RManagers group.

What are the guidelines for posting problems to be added to the contests section?

Refer to the guidelines in this post.

How come the wiki is missing many contest questions?

Because some contests aren't able to be founded. If you have a copy, please post the problems in the Community Section!

LaTeX, Asymptote, GeoGebra

What is LaTeX, and how do I use it?

$LaTeX$ is a typesetting markup language that is useful to produce properly formatted mathematical and scientific expressions.

How can I download LaTeX to use on the forums?

There are no downloads necessary; the forums and the wiki render LaTeX commands between dollar signs.

How can I download LaTeX for personal use?

Where can I test LaTeX commands?

Sandbox or TeXeR.

Where can I find examples of Asymptote diagrams and code?

Search this wiki for the <asy> tag. See for example this article.


Is there a guide for wiki syntax?

See wiki markup.


Is it possible to join the AOPS Staff?

Yes. Mr. Rusczyk will sometimes hire a small army of college students to work as interns.

What is the minimum age to be an assistant in an artofproblemsolving class?

You must have graduated high school, or at least be in the second term of your senior year.

How long of a not commented post is consider reviving?

If any post is still on-topic and isn't spammy or anything, it isn't considered reviving. The definition of reviving in the Games forum is 1 month. However, everyone has a different period of time that they consider reviving.


What is W00T?

W00T is a Worldwide Online Olympiad Training is a 7-month training program for the world's most competitive high school math contests. For more information about W00T, go here

What if I want to drop out of a class?

For any course with more than 2 classes, students can drop the course any time before the third class begins and receive a full refund. No drops are allowed after the third class has started.

What if I miss a class?

There are classroom transcripts available at the class message board.

Are there any sound during class?

No. And that's a good thing. That way you won't be distracted by noises.

I feel like joining! But what are my class choices?

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