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Welcome to the sandbox, a location to test your newfound wiki-editing abilities.

Please note that all contributions here may be deleted periodically and without warning.

In the computer world, a sandbox is a place to test and experiment -- essentially, it's a place to play.

This is the AoPSWiki Sandbox. Feel free to experiment here.

Warning: anything you place here is subject to deletion without notice.

Sandbox Area

[asy]unitsize(1cm); defaultpen(fontsize(8)); pair A=(-0.5,0.5), B=(0.5,0.5), C=(0.5,-0.5), D=(-0.5,-0.5); pair K=(0,1.366), L=(1.366,0), M=(0,-1.366), N=(-1.366,0); draw(A--N--K--A--B--K--L--B--C--L--M--C--D--M--N--D--A); label("A",A,SE); label("B",B,SW); label("C",C,NW); label("D",D,NE);[/asy]

[asy] import graph; draw(Circle((0,0),20)); // graph - Circle [/asy]

$\begin{align*} \dfrac{p+q}{p-q}&=1+\dfrac{2q}{p-q}\\ &= 1+\dfrac{14}{2}\\ &= \boxed{7} \end{align*}$ (Error compiling LaTeX. ! Package amsmath Error: \begin{align*} allowed only in paragraph mode.)

Testing answers template: ${{answers  | a = 4  | b = 5  | c = 6  | d = 7  | e = 8 }}$

googology101talkcontribs 22:07, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

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