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The Basics

BBCode is a way to format text in forum posts. It is in some ways similar to HTML. It uses tags, which are little pieces of code enclosed in brackets, such as [b] to make bold text. For every tag, you need a closing tag too. The closing tag is the same as the opening tag except that it has a / symbol at the front. For example, the tag [/b] is code for "stop making the text bold." There is text between the opening and closing tags, that is the text that is modified by the tags.

For example, If you want to say "I love pizza" and want the word "love" to be in bold, you would type

I [b]love[/b] pizza.

This would create, "I love pizza."

Writing Messages in the AoPS Community

The Buttons

Post a reply.PNG

This is a picture of what you see when you create a topic or post a reply. On very small screens (such as a smartphone) these buttons will not appear, so you will have to type the BBCode in manually.

The Bold Button

The Bold button.jpeg button is for bold tags. When you click on it, your screen should look like this:

Clicked on bold button.PNG

These are called bold tags. Then, you can type in any text you want: Type in bold text.PNG

When you submit it, it should look like this: Submitted Bold Text.PNG

The Italics Button

The Italics button.jpeg button is the italics button. When you click on it, your screen should look like this:

Clicked on italics button.jpeg

Then you can type in your italicized message:

Italics message.jpeg

When you submit, it should look like this:

Italics result.jpeg

The Underline Button

The Underline button.jpeg button is for underlining text. When you click on it, the symbols [u] and [/u] appear. Then you can type in whatever you want to be underlined:

Underline typing.jpeg

When you submit it, it should look like this:

Underline result.jpeg

Note: you can also highlight text and then click the underline button.

The Quote Button

The Quote button.jpeg button is for quoting text. You can write an anonymous quote, or quote a specific user or person. When you click on it, you get [quote] and [/quote]. Then type in the quote:

Typing generic quote.jpeg

When you hit submit, it looks like this:

Published generic quote.jpeg

Or, alternatively, you can say who quoted it:

Specific quote typing.jpeg

And you get this:

Specific quote published.jpeg

You can also quote a post by clicking this button in the forum.

Arrow to quote button.jpeg

You will be taken to a reply page that looks like this:

Specific quote typing.jpeg

The Hide Button

The Hide button.jpeg button embeds text in a little interactive clicky. This is useful if you want your text only visible if the reader wants to see it. For example, if you are answering a math problem, you can hide the text so that you don't give away the answer to someone who doesn't want to know it.

Start by clicking the hide button. You should get [hide] and [/hide]. Then put in your text:

Type hide generic.jpeg

When you submit, you get this:

Click for hidden text.jpeg

If you click on the words "Hidden Text", you get this:

Open hidden text.jpeg

Or you can label your hidden text. First, write in the code of the hidden text something like:

[hide=answer]Because 6x=y, and y is 6, then x must be 1.[/hide]

And then submit, you get:

Labeled closed hidden text.jpeg

Published open hidden text.jpeg

The Code Button

The Code button.JPEG button is for posting code that you don't want to be rendered, ie LaTeX or BBCode. When you click on it, your screen should display:


Type in your code:


And it should display:

Code submitted.JPEG

Notice that the LaTeX code is not rendered; that is, it does not show up as $10+9=21$.

The Image Button

The Image Button.JPEG button is for embedding images in posts. If you have this image:
And you want it to show up like this:

AoPS loading.GIF

You use [img] tags. Click on the Image Button.JPEG button and your screen should show:


Now insert the link to the image. Make sure it is a direct link.


When you submit, you should get the image!

The URL Button

The Link Button.PNG button is for parsing and naming URLs. If you click it, your screen should look like this:


Now type in your URL:


When you submit it, it should be parsed, like this:

Alternatively, if you want a link that goes somewhere but is not actually named the URL, do this:

[url=] Click here.[/url]

You get

Click here.

Other Stuff

There are other things you can do with BBCode that do not have buttons in the AoPS communtiy.

Unordered List

An unordered list is a simple bullet point list. To use it, you simply use the [list] tag. Before each new list item, type [*]. The [*] tag is for a list item. You don't need a closing tag for the [*] tag. For example, typing

[*] pizza
[*] pasta
[*] rice
[*] cereal


  • pizza
  • pasta
  • rice
  • cereal

Ordered List

The bbcode for this uses the [list] tag. To tell you want a numbered list, type [list=1]. For example, typing,

Top 5 most important people of all time:
[*]Richard Rusczyk
[*]David Patrick
[*]Isaac Newton
[*]George Washington
[*]Thomas Edison


Top 5 most important people of all time:
  1. Richard Rusczyk
  2. David Patrick
  3. Isaac Newton
  4. George Washington
  5. Thomas Edison

Alternatively, if you want to make a lettered list, start with [list=A] or [list=a]. For a roman numeral list, use [list=i] or [list=I].

Python Tags

If you are taking an AoPS programming with a Python class, you may need to post some Python code in the class forum. To do this you use the [python] tags. These tags are like the [code] tags except that they show the python code in colors. For example, typing

print("hello"+" world")
print("Hello, world!")


Python tags.PNG

If you want to have a PYTHON renderer in a post in a forum, you can use [pywindow] tags. For example, typing

print("Hello World!")

yields a code box that can be run and edited.

Aops Font

Main article: AoPS font

Say you want to type the Y symbol on a forum post. You can use the [aops][/aops] tags to create symbols like this. For example, typing


makes the Y symbol. For a guide to how to type other symbols, see the AoPS font page.

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