CEMC Euclid

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CEMC Euclid

The CEMC Euclid(generally "Euclid") is a 150-minute, 100-point competition that consists of 10 written problems, each problem with multiple sub-problems. For each problem, you have to show all steps in order to get full marks.

Euclid is considered one of the most competitive, high-reputative competition in canada along with the * Canadian Senior Mathematic Competition(CSMC) and * Canadian Open Mathematic Challenge(COMC).

On the left side of each sub-problem, there will be one image, either "bulb" or "book"

  • The image "bulb" means that the sub-problem counts 2-3 points within the problem's 10 points
  • The image "book" means that the sub-problem counts as the rest of the points of the problem's 10 points

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