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This AoPS Wiki article is dedicated to the storage of CSS Skins to be used in AoPS Blogs.

Please do not edit the codes here unless you are the original author of that CSS.


Completed Styles

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=332045 Prosilver v.1.2 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=357355 Bubbly v.1.2 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=363147 Poseidon v.1.5 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=360390 Lightning by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=364423 Misty Night v.1.2 by dragon96</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=356876 Simple v.1.9 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=365439 Simple w/ Color v.1.9 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=369652 Baseball v.1.1 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=369661 The Dark Divide v.1.1 by dragon96</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=380478 Faceblog v.1.2 by dragon96</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=391201 Oranges v.1.1 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=390267 Dark Music v.1.2 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=397682 Alcumus v.1.0 by abcak and ahaanomegas</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=393911 Achievement Unlocked v.1.0 by El_Ectric</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=392322 Remember v.1.2 by Butler</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=418036 Quizlet v.1.0 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=420354 Sublight v.0.7 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=401034 Alcumus/AoPS v.1.6 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=422833 Chaotic Theme v.2.4 by chaotic_iak</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=426912 ShadowGlow v.1.00 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=426342 Mandelbrot v.1.1 by El_Ectric</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436759 Hunger Games by brightknight</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436761 Bunny by brightknight</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436762 HoverPwnage by brightknight</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436774 Exit Path v.1.21 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436764 Phillies CSS by brightknight</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436818 Blue Dragon v.1.5 by basketballstar24</url>

In Development

Developing Styles

  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=332505 SU Stylesheet v.1.8 by CA Math</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=363284 Poseidon 2 v.2.2 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=370959 Klean v.1.1 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=371072 Astronomy v.1.1 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=374587 Happy Halloween v.1.0 by Mister Geek</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=375065 Facebook v.1.5 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=381049 Legit v.1.0 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=381715 Technology v.1.1 by El_Ectric</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=374479 Piano Theme v.1.1 by exmath89</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=384472 Happy v.1.1 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=385978 AoPS v.1.0 by El_Ectric</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=387609 Ice v.1.0 by abcak</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=389064 Harry Potter 7 v.1.2 by exmath89</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=416465 BSoD v.0.9 by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=422926 Google v.1.0 by smallpeoples343</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=428664 Comic v.1.0 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=427423 Melt v.1.5 by PythonNut</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=429293 Twenty-Eleven v.1.0 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=429424 Parchment v.1.3 by brightknight</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=429572 Aero v.1.0 by PythonNut</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=416492 Nyan Cat v.1.0 by Dojo</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=433775 Blue Warp v.1.0 by smallpeoples343</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=430948 Windows 7 v.1.3 by PythonNut</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436196 Cortex v.1.0 by PythonNut</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436789 Let me Google that for you by asf</url>
  • <url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=412429 Blue Car by bluecarneal</url>


Styles from contests can be found here: Contest Styles

If any mistakes are found, please report them in the Talk Page.

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