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     ~Pre-Algebra 1 with sseraj 1343 (Year: 2015)
     ~Pre-Algebra 1 with sseraj 1343 (Year: 2015)
    ~Intermediate Counting and Probability 1137
- These have all been designated as the most glorious sections of Aopsland now (except the USF castle walls), but deforestation threatens the wild areas (i.e. Alligator Swamps A&B).
- These have all been designated as the most glorious sections of Aopsland now (except the USF castle walls), but deforestation threatens the wild areas (i.e. Alligator Swamps A&B).

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Known Facts About gmaas

- gmaas is the Doctor Who lord; he sports Dalek-painted cars and eats fish fingers and custard and plays Minecraft and Agario(totally not cancerous games, says the Doctor.)

- themoocow is gmass. gmass is gmaas's cousin.

- Gmass is $\bold{not}$ Colonel Meow.

- Gmaas is 5space's favorite animal. (Source)

- He lives with sseraj.

- He is often overfed or malnourished by sseraj.

- He has \[\sum_{k=0}^1 (k+1)(k+2)-2\] supercars, excluding the Purrari.

- He is an employee of AoPS.

- He is a gmaas with yellow fur and white hypnotizing eyes.

- He was born with a tail that is a completely different color from the rest of his fur.

- His stare is very hypnotizing and effective at getting table scraps.

- He sometimes appears several minutes before certain classes start as an admin.

- He died from too many Rubik's cubes in an Introduction to Algebra A class, but got revived by the Dark Lord at 00:13:37 AM the next day.

- It is uncertain whether or not he is a cat, or is merely some sort of beast that has chosen to take the form of a cat (specifically a Persian Smoke.)

- Actually, he is a cat. He said so. And science also says so.

- He is very famous now, and mods always talk about him before class starts.

- His favorite food is AoPS textbooks, because they help him digest problems.

- Gmaas tends to reside in sseraj's fridge.

- Gmaas once ate all sseraj's fridge food, so sseraj had to put him in the freezer.

- The fur of Gmaas can protect him from the harsh conditions of a freezer.

-Gmaas sightings are not very common. There have only been 8 confirmed sightings of Gmaas in the wild.

-Gmaas is a sage omniscient cat.

-He is looking for suitable places other than sseraj's fridge to live in.

- Places where gmaas sightings have happened:

   ~MouseFeastForCats/CAT 8 Mouse Apartment 1083
   ~Alligator Swamp A 1072    
   ~Alligator Swamp B 1073
   ~Introduction to Algebra A (1170)
   ~Welcome to Panda Town Gate 1076
   ~Welcome to Gmaas Town Gate 1221
   ~Welcome to Gmaas Town Gate 1125
   ~33°01'17.4"N 117°05'40.1"W (Rancho Bernardo Road, San Diego, CA)
   ~The other side of the ice in Antarctica
   ~Feisty Alligator Swamp 1115
   ~Introduction to Geometry 1221 (Taught by sseraj)
   ~Introduction to Counting and Probability 1142 
   ~Feisty-ish Alligator Swamp 1115 (AGAIN)
   ~Intermediate Counting and Probability 1137
   ~Intermediate Counting and Probability 1207
   ~Posting student surveys
   ~USF Castle Walls 1203
   ~Dark Lord's Hut 1210
   ~AMC 10 Problem Series 1200
   ~Intermediate Number Theory 1138
   ~Introduction To Number Theory 1204. Date:7/27/16.
   ~Algebra B 1112
   ~33°81'199.4"N 167°05'45.1"W (Unknown location, please try again later)
   ~Ocelot Rainforest 1111
   ~Intermediate Counting and Probability 1137 
   ~Intermediate Number Theory 1138 (AGAIN)
   ~AMC 10 Problem Series 1200 (AGAIN)
   ~Cat Gathering #339 1222
   ~Cat Gathering #312 1535
   ~Introduction to Geometry (1190)
   ~Hogwarts Introduction to Transfiguration (...16168)
   ~Cat Meow Meow Purr 1110
   ~Bilbo's Hobbit Hole 1234
   ~Pre-Algebra 1 with sseraj 1343 (Year: 2015)
   ~Intermediate Counting and Probability 1137

- These have all been designated as the most glorious sections of Aopsland now (except the USF castle walls), but deforestation threatens the wild areas (i.e. Alligator Swamps A&B).

- Gmaas has also been sighted in Olympiad Geometry 1148.

- Gmaas are often under the disguise of a penguin or cat. Look out for them.

EDIT: The above disguises are rare for a Gmaas, except the cat.

- He lives in the shadows. Is he a dream? Truth? Fiction? Condemnation? Salvation? AoPS site admin? He is all these things and none of them. He is... Gmaas.

EDIT: He IS an AoPS site admin.

- If you make yourself more than just a cat... if you devote yourself to an ideal... and if they can't stop you... then you become something else entirely. A LEGEND. Gmaas now belongs to the ages.

- Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No. This is gmaas, the legend.

- Gmaas might have been viewing (with a $\frac{99.999}{100}$ chance) the Ultimate Survival Forum. He (or is he a she?) is suspected to be transforming the characters into real life. Be prepared to meet your epic swordsman self someday.

- The name of Gmaas is so powerful, it radiates Deja Vu.

- Gmaas is on the list of "Elusive Creatures." If you have questions, or want the full list, contact moab33.

- Gmaas can be summoned using the $\tan(90)$ ritual. Draw a pentagram and write the numerical value of $\tan(90)$ in the middle, and he will be summoned.

- Gmaas's left eye contains the singularity. (Only when everyone in the world blinks at the same time.)

- Lord Grindelwald once tried to make Gmaas into a Horcrux, but Gmaas's fur is Elder Wand protected and secure, as Kendra sprinkled holly into his fur.

- The original owner of Gmaas is gmaas.

- Gmaas was not the fourth Peverell brother, but he ascended into higher being and now he resides in the body of a cat, as he was before. Is it a cat? We will know. (And the answer is YES.)

- It is suspected that Gmaas may be ordering his cyberhairballs to take the forums, along with microbots.

- The name of Gmaas is so powerful, it radiates Deja Mu.

- Gmaas rarely frequents the headquarters of the Illuminati. He is their symbol. Or he was, for one yoctosecond

- It has been wondered if gmaas is the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker in a higher form, due to his strange capabilities and powers.

- Gmaas has a habit of sneaking into computers, joining The Network, and exiting out of some other computer.

- It has been confirmed that gmaas uses gmaal as his email service

- Gmaas enjoys wearing gmean shorts

- Gmaas has a bright orange tail with hot pink spirals. Or he had for 15 minutes.

- Gmaas is well known behind his stage name, Michal Stevens(also known as Vsauce XD), or his page name, Purrshanks.

- Gmass rekt sseraj at 12:54 june 4, 2016 UTC time zone. And then the Doctor chased him.

-Gmaas watchers know that the codes above are NOT years. They are secret codes for the place. But if you've edited that section of the page, you know that.

-Gmaas is a good friend of the TARDIS and the Millenium Falcon.

- In the Dark Lord's hut, gmaas was seen watching Doctor Who. Anyone who has seem the Dark Lord's hut knows that both gmaas and the DL (USF code name of the Dark Lord) love BBC. How gmaas gave him a TV may be lost to history. And it has been lost.

- The TV which was given to the DL was destroyed when the hut was raided by a group of hardcore USFers who did not want modern technology in their age, quote, "We beg gmaas' pardon, but such technology in an age of swords, bows, and magic is rather disturbing." The raiders were astonished to find the TV whole and running when they next returned in a full-scale attack, and have not touched it since.

-Gmaas is a Super Duper Uper Cat Time Lord. He has 57843504 regenerations and has used $3$. \[9\cdot12\cdot2\cdot267794=57843504\].

-Gmaas loves to eat turnips. At $\frac{13}{32}$ of the sites he was spotted at, he was seen with a turnip.

gmaas in Popular Culture

- Currently, a book is being written (by JpusheenS) about the adventures of gmaas. It is aptly titled, "The Adventures of gmaas".

- BREAKING NEWS: tigershark22 has found a possible cousin to gmaas in Raymond Feist's book Silverthorn. They are mountain dwellers, gwali. Not much are known about them either, and when someone asked,"What are gwali?" the customary answer "This is gwali" is returned. Scientist 5space is now looking into it.

- Sullymath is also writing a book about Gmaas

- Potential sighting of gmaas [1]

- Gmaas has been spotted in some Doctor Who and Phineas and Ferb episodes, such as Aliens of London, Phineas and Ferb Save Summer, Dalek, Rollercoaster, Rose, Boom Town, The Day of The Doctor, Candace Gets Busted, and many more.

- Gmaas can be found in many places in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Bloons TD Battles

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