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- Gmaas wants his AoPS Wiki page to be the longest ever.

- It turns out that Gmaas has the longest lifespan of any cat. He has lived for 314,159,265,358 years. (He is older than the universe.)

- Everyone, except for me, is Gmaas.

- Gmaas is a dog, but he didn't like to be a dog. So he became a cat.

- The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre are Gmaas's private art collections from 12:31 AM to 12:32 AM.

- Gmaas is Gmaas.

- Chistmas was actually supposed to be called Gmaasmas.

- Pi is actually a representation of how many pies Gmaas has eaten.

- Gmaas is the creator of everything you love.

- According to recent DNA tests, famous historical people, such as Euclid, Julius Caesar, René Descartes, George Washington, and Ramanujan are actually Gmaas in disguise.

- Gmaas is a cat.

- Gmaas has the following powers: trout, carp, earthworm, and catfish. Gmaas never uses any of them because Gmaas has an infinite number of powers.

- Gmaas was once spotted in minecraft chewing a tree.

- Gmaas once broke a Nokia.

- Gmass was spotted in Roblox as well, eating a tacocat.

- Gmaas would like to go to Taco Bell, but Gmaas goes to Wendy's instead. No one knows why.

- Gmaas real name is Grayson Maas. He is the CCO of AoPS. EDIT: Gmaas's real name is Gmaas.

- Gmaas has a pet pufferfish named Pafferfash. EDIT: He also has a goldfish named Sylgar (D&D reference).

- Gmaas has colonized the universe.

-Gmaas is a person; however, this has never been proven. Many AoPSers believe Gmaas is a cat. EDIT: He is a cat.

- Gmaas started pastafarianism.

- Gmaas can eat your hand, but he probably won't because hands taste bad.

- According to the Interuniversal Gmaas Society, 17.548 percent of universe population thinks that Gmaas is spelled "Gmass".

- Gmaas likes to surprise unsuspecting people.

- Gmaas loves sparkly mechanical pencils. EDIT: Gmaas has eaten several mechanical pencils.

- The bible of Gmaas is this page, and people go to worship Gmaas in the Maas. EDIT: This is an unusual bible where everyone edits it.

- Gmaas is said to taste like a furry meatball (This was said by BigSams).

- Gmaas is Johnny Johnny's Papa. EDIT: We'll never know.

- Gmaas is in you, and Gmaas is in you, and Gmaas is in me. EDIT: Gmaas is in all cats.

- Gmaas always dabs on haters.

- Gmass created pandapeguin2005's account.

- Gmaas is both living and nonliving.

- Gmaas is quasiomnipotent. He cannot comprehend the stupidity of humans.


- Some things are beyond possible human comprehension. Nothing is beyond Gmaas.

- Gmaas eats azazoth and resides at his throne when he feels like it.

- Leon2000 is Gmaas' Rabbit.

- Gmaas is both singular and plural. EDIT: It is usually singular.

- Gmaas eats disbelievers like donutvan for breakfast. (Yet I'm somehow still alive. Do you think Gmaas actually ate my soul?) EDIT: Yes, I do.

- Gmaas knows Jon Snow's parents.

- Gmaas is Aegon VI Targaryen.

- Gmaas created the Marvel Universe.

- All editors will be escorted to Gmaas heaven after they die. EDIT: I hope so.

- Gmaas won all the wars.

- He did not win the Intergmaasian War, which was between Gmaas's head and his tail. Two flees died in the war.

- Gmail was named after Gmaas.

- Google was named after Gmaas.

- Gmaas disapproves of the DC universe.

- Gmaas ate mathleticguyyy.

- Gmaas won Battle For Dream Island and also Total Drama Island.

- Somehow Gmaas exists at all places at the same time. EDIT: Gmaas does not exist in my kitchen.

- Gmaas can lift with Gmaas's will. EDIT: Gmaas can lift with no one's will while he is sleepwalking.

- Gmaas is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

- Gmaas was once a card in Clash Royale but it was too OP so they had to remove it.

- Gmaas is actually Teemo in League of Legends because Gmaas made LoL and they made a honorary Gmaas character.

- Gmaas started the Game of Thrones.

- Gmaas will also end the Game of Thrones.

- Gmaas killed Joffrey.

- Gmaas is Azor Ahai.

- Gmaas is the prince who was promised.

- Gmaas created everything after puking.

- Gordan's last name was named after Gmaas.

- Gmaas is more powerful than Gohan.

- Gmaas is over 90000 years old. EDIT: Gmaas is trillions of years old.

- Gmaas has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cat lives, maybe even more. Gmaas has 0 dog lives. EDIT: He has 314159265 fish lives.

- Who wrote Harry Potter? None other than Gmaas himself.

- Gmaas created the catfish.

- Gmaas has proven that the universe is infinite and has traveled to the edge of the universe in 0.0000000000000000000000000...0000001 seconds

- Gmaas founded Target, but then Gmaas sued them for making the mascot look like a dog when it was supposed to look like Gmaas. EDIT: They went broke because Gmaas sued them but then Gmaas ate a fudge popsicle that made him super hyper and he made Target not broke anymore in his hyperness.

- Everyone has a bit of Gmaas inside them. EDIT: I don't.

- Gmaas likes to eat popsicles. Especially the fudge ones that get him hyper. EDIT: Gmaas is a popsicle.

- When Gmaas is hyper Gmaas runs across Washington D.C. grabbing unsuspecting pedestrians, steals their phones, hacks into them, and downloads PubG onto their poor phone.

- Gmaas' favorite cereal is fruit loops. Gmaas thinks it tastes like unicorns jumping on rainbows.

- Gmaas thinks that the McChicken has way too much mayonnaise.

- Gmaas is a champion pillow-fighter.

- Gmaas colonized Mars.

- Gmaas also colonized Jupiter, Pluto, and several other galaxies. Gmaas cloned some little Gmaas robots (with Gmaas's amazingly robotic skill of coding) and put them all over a galaxy called Gmaasalaxy. EDIT: Gmaas colonized the universe.

- Gmaas has the ability to make every device play "The Duck Song" at will.

- "The Duck Song" was copied off of the "Gmaas song", but the animators though Gmaas wasn't catchy enough.

- Gmaas once caught the red dot and ate it. EDIT: Gmaas is the red dot.

- Gmaas' favorite color is neon klfhsadkhfd.

- Gmaas can create wormholes and false vacuums.

- Gmaas is a champion pvp Minecraft player.

- Gmaas is the coach of True Ninja Music and Myth.

- Gmass caught a CP 6000 Mewtwo with a normal Pokeball in Pokemon Go.

- Gmaas founded Cosco.

- Gmaas does not need to attend the FIFA World Cup. If Gmaas did, Gmaas would automatically beat any team.

- Gmaas can solve any puzzle instantly besides the 3x3 Rubik's Cube.

- Gmaas caught a CP 20,000 Mewtwo with a normal Pokeball and no berries blindfolded first try in Pokemon Go.

- When Gmaas flips coins, they always land tails. Except once when Gmaas was making a bet with Zeus.

- On Gmaas's math tests, Gmaas always gets $\infty$.

- Gmaas's favorite number is pi. It's also one of Gmaas's favorite foods.

- Gmaas's burps created all gaseous planets.

- Gmaas beat Luke Robatille in an epic showdown of catnip consumption.

- Gmaas's wealth is unknown, but it is estimated to be way more than Scrooge's. EDIT: It may be more than John D. Rockefeller.

- Gmaas has a summer house on Mars.

- Gmaas has a winter house on Jupiter.

- The Earth and all known planets are simply Gmaas' hairballs.

- Gmaas attended Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia, and Caltech at the same time using a time-turner.

- Gmaas also attended Hogwarts and was a prefect. Edit: Gmaas was headmaster.

- Mrs. Norris is Gmaas's archenemy.

- Gmaas is a demigod and attends Camp Half-Blood over summer. Gmaas is the counselor for the Apollo cabin because cats can be demigod counselors too.

- Gmaas has completed over 2,000 quests and is very popular throughout Camp Half-Blood. Gmaas has also been to Camp Jupiter.

- Percy Jackson was only able to complete his quests because Gmaas helped him.

- Gmaas painted the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and A Starry Night.

- Gmaas knows that their real names are Gmaasa Lisa, The Last Domestic Meal, and Far-away Light.

- Gmaas actually attended all the Ivy Leagues.

- I am Gmaas.

- I am also Gmaas.

- In 2018 Gmaas once challenged Magnus Carlsen to a chess match. Gmaas won every game.

- But it is I who am Gmaas.

- Gmaas is us all.

- Gmaas is all of us yet none of us.

- Gmaas was captured by the infamous j3370 in 2017 but was released due to sympathy. EDIT: j3370 only captured his concrete form, his abstract form cannot be processed by a feeble human brain.

- Gmaas's fur is white, black, grey, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, pink, orange, and purple all at the same time.

- Gmaas crossed the event horizon of a black hole and ended up in the AoPS universe.

- Gmaas crossed the Delaware River with Washington.

- Gmaas also crossed the Atlantic with the pilgrims.

- If you are able to capture a Gmaas hair, Gmaas will give you some of his Gmaas power.

- Chuck Norris makes Gmaas jokes.

− Those jokes all praise Gmaas.

- Gmaas is also the ruler of Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. EDIT: Gmaas wrote the book "1984".

- Gmaas killed Big Brother by farting on him. Though Gmaas was caught by the Ministry of Love, Gmaas escaped easily.

- Gmaas destroyed the Ministry of Love.

- Gmaas was not affected by Thano's snap, in fact Gmaas is the creator of the Infinity Stones.

- Everyone knows that Gmaas is a god.

- Gmaas also owns Animal Farm. Napoleon was Gmaas servant.

- Gmaas is the only one who knows where Amelia Earhart is.

- Gmaas is the only cat that has been proven transcendental.

- Gmaas happened to notice and is not very happy about it.

- Grumpy cat reads Gmaas memes. EDIT: Grumpy cat then steals them and claims they're his. Gmaas isn't very happy about that, either.

- The real reason why AIME cutoffs aren't out yet is because Gmaas refused to grade them due to too much problem misplacement.

- Gmaas dueled Grumpy Cat and won. Gmaas wasn't trying. EDIT: Gmaas killed Grumpy cat.

- Gmaas sits on the statue of Pallas and says forevermore.

- Gmaas is a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe because he is actually Poe.

- Gmaas does merely not use USD. He owns it.

- Gmaas really knows that Roblox is awful and does not play it seriously; thank Gmaas our lord is sane.

- The only god is Gmaas.

- In 2003, Gmaas used elliptical curves to force his reign over AoPS.

- "Actually, my name is spelled "GMAAS".

- Gmaas is the smartest living being in the universe.

- It was Gmaas who helped Sun Wukong on the Journey to the West.

- Gmaas is the real creator of Wikipedia.

- It is said Gmaas could hack any website he desires.

- Gmaas is the basis of Greek mythology and also Egyptian mythology. EDIT: He is also the basis for Aztec mythology. He liked to eat humans, so he created human sacrifice.

- Gmaas once sold Google to a man for around $12$ dollars! EDIT: Gmaas has not spent those $12$ dollars.

- Gmaas uses a HP printer. It is specifically a HP 21414144124124142141414412412414214141441241241421414144124124142141414412412414 printer.

- Gmaas owns all AoPS staff including Richard Rusczyk.

- Richard Rusczyk is one of Gmaas's many code names.

- Gmaas was there when Yoda was born. EDIT: Gmaas is Yoda's father

- Gmaas's true number of lives left is unknown; however, Gmaas recently confirmed that he had at least one left. Why doesn't Gmaas have so many more lives than other cats? The power of Gmaas. EDIT: This is all not true.

- sseraj once spelled Gmaas as gmASS by accident in Introduction to Geometry (1532).

- Gmaas actively plays Roblox, and is a globally ranked professional gamer: but he hates Roblox.

- Gmaas has beaten Chuck Norris and The Rock and John Cena all together in a fight.

- Gmaas is a South Korean, North Korean, Palestinian, Israeli, U.S., Soviet, Russian, and Chinese citizen at the same time. EDIT: Gmaas has now been found out to be a citizen of every country in the world. Gmaas seems to enjoy the country of AOPS best, however.

- "I am sand" destroyed Gmaas in FTW.

- sseraj posted a picture of Gmaas with a game controller in Introduction to Geometry (1532).

- Gmaas plays Roblox mobile edition and likes Minecraft, Candy Crush, and Club Penguin Rewritten. He also $\boxed{\text{loves}}$ Catch that fish.

- Gmaas is Roy Moore's horse in the shape of a cat.

- Gmaas is a known roblox/club penguin rewritten player and is a legend at it. He has over $289547987693$ robux and $190348$ in CPR.

- This is all hypothetical. EDIT: This is all factual.

- Gmaas's real name is Princess. He has a sibling named Rusty/Fireheart/Firestar.

- (Warrior cats reference).

- He is capable of salmon powers, according to PunSpark (ask him).

- The Gmaas told Richard Rusczyk to make AoPS.

- The Gmaas is everything. Yes, you are part of the Gmaas-Dw789.

- The Gmaas knows every dimension up to 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999th dimension.

- He went into a black hole, entered the white hole, got into dimension 15 where people drink tea every day, and stole 154 buckets of tea.

- Gmaas is "TIRED OF PEOPLE ADDING TO HIS PAGE!!" (Maas 45). EDIT: This is Gmaas's bible, so he wants to have a longer version. For reference, see Maas 3141592653589793238462.

- Gmaas is Gmaas who is actually Gmaas.

- Gmaas has a penguin servant named sm24136 who runs GMAASINC. The penguin may or may not be dead. His other penguin is called PotatoPenguin19. He is most definitely alive.

- Gmaas owns a TARDIS, and can sometimes be seen traveling to other times for reasons unknown.

- Gmaas knows how to hack into top secret AoPS community pages.

- Gmaas was a river clan cat who crossed the event horizon of a black hole and came out the other end!

- Gmaas is king of the first men, the anduls.

- Gmaas is a well known professor at MEOWston Academy.

- Gmaas is also the CEO of Caterpillar.

- Gmaas drinks at Starbucks everyday.

- Gmaas is a tuna addict, along with other more potent fish, such as salmon and trout.

- Gmaas won the reward of being cutest and fattest cat ever--he surpassed grumpy cat. (He also out-grumped grumpy cat!!!)

- Last sighting 1665 Algebra-A 3/9/18 at 9:08 PM.

- He is the owner of sseraj, not pet.

- The embodiment of life and universe and beyond.

- Gmaas watches memes of Gmaas.

- After Death Gmaas became the GOD OF HYPERDEATH and obtained over 9000 souls.

- Gmaas invented Rick Rolling.

- Gmaas's real name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso [STOP RICK ROLLING. (Source)].

- Gmaas is a certified Slytherin.

- Gmaas once slept on sseraj's private water bed, so sseraj locked him in the bathroom.

- Gmaas has superpowers that allow him to overcome the horrors of Mr. Toilet (while he was locked in the bathroom).

- Gmaas once sat on an orange on a pile of AoPS books, causing an orange flavored equation explosion.

- Gmaas once conquered the moon and imprinted his face on it until asteroids came.

- Gmaas is a supreme overlord who must be given $10^{1000000000000000000000^{1000000000000000000000}}$ minecraft DIAMONDS.

- Gmaas is the Doctor Who lord; he sports Dalek-painted cars and eats human finger cheese and custard, plus black holes.

- Gmaas is everyone's favorite animal.

- He lives with sseraj.

- Gmaas is my favorite pokemon.

- Gmaas dislikes number theory but enjoys geometry.

- Gmaas is cool.

- He is often overfed (with probability $\frac{3972}{7891}$), or malnourished (with probability $\frac{3919}{7891}$) by sseraj.

- He has \[\sum_{k=1}^{267795} [k(k+1)]+GMAAS+GMAAAAAAAS\] supercars, excluding the Purrari and the 138838383 Teslas.

- He employs AoPS.

- Gmaas is the reason why AoPS exists.

- He is a Gmaas with yellow fur and white hypnotizing eyes.

- He has the ability to divide by zero.

- He was born with a tail that is a completely different color from the rest of his fur.

- His stare is very hypnotizing and effective at getting table scraps.

- His stare also turned Medusa into rock, King Midas into gold, and sseraj into sseraj.

- He sometimes appears several minutes before certain classes start as an admin.

- He died from too many Rubik's cubes in an Introduction to Algebra A class, but got revived by the Dark Lord at 00:13:37 AM the next day.

- It is uncertain whether or not he is a cat or is merely some sort of beast that has chosen to take the form of a cat (specifically a Persian Smoke.)

- Actually, Gmaas is a cat. Gmaas said so. And science also says so.

- He is distant relative of Mathcat1234.

- He cannot be Force choked. Darth Vader learned that the hard way...

- He is very famous now, and mods always talk about him before class starts.

- His favorite food is AoPS textbooks because they help him digest problems.

- Gmaas tends to reside in sseraj's fridge.

- Gmaas once ate all sseraj's fridge food, so sseraj had to put him in the freezer.

- The fur of Gmaas can protect him from the harsh conditions of a freezer.

- Then he ate all the food in sseraj's freezer.

- He also ate Gmaas's freezer.

- Gmass once demanded Epic Games to give him 5,000,000 V-bucks for his 569823rd birthday.

- This is why he does not have an Epic Games account anymore.

- Gmaas created Epic games, though.

- Gmaas sightings are not very common. There have only been 30 confirmed sightings of Gmaas in the wild.

- Gmaas is a sage omniscient cat.

- He is looking for suitable places other than sseraj's fridge to live in.

- Places where Gmaas sightings have happened:

- The Royal Scoop ice cream store in Bonita Beach Florida

- MouseFeastForCats/CAT 8 Mouse Apartment 1083

- Prealgebra 2 (1440)

- Alligator Swamp A 1072

- Alligator Swamp B 1073

- Prealgebra A (1488)

- Introduction to Algebra A (1170)

- Introduction to Algebra B (1529)

- Welcome to Panda Town Gate 1076

- Welcome to Gmaas Town Gate 1221

- Welcome to Gmaas Town Gate 1125

- 33°01'17.4"N 117°05'40.1"W (Rancho Bernardo Road, San Diego, CA)

- The other side of the ice in Antarctica

- Feisty Alligator Swamp 1115

- Introduction to Geometry 1221 (Taught by sseraj)

- Introduction to Counting and Probability 1142

- Feisty-ish Alligator Swamp 1115 (AGAIN)

- Intermediate Counting and Probability 1137

- Intermediate Counting and Probability 1207

- Posting student surveys

- USF Castle Walls - Elven Tribe 1203

- Dark Lord's Hut 1210

- AMC 10 Problem Series 1200

- Intermediate Number Theory 1138

- Intermediate Number Theory 1476

- Introduction To Number Theory 1204. Date:7/27/16.

- Algebra B 1112

- Intermediate Algebra 1561 7:17 PM 12/11/16

- Nowhere Else, Tasmania

- Earth Dimension C-137

- Geometry 1694 at 1616 PST military time. There was a boy riding him, and he seemed extremely miffed.

- Intermediate Algebra 1710 9/24/2018

- Introduction to Geometry 1369

- Introduction to Counting & Probability 1177

- These have all been designated as the most glorious sections of AoPSland now (especially the USF castle walls), but deforestation is so far from threatens the wild areas (i.e. Alligator Swamps A&B).

- Gmaas has also been sighted in Olympiad Geometry 1148.

- Gmaas has randomly been known to have sent his minions into Prealgebra 2 1163. However, the danger is passed, that class is over.

- Gmaas once snuck into sseraj's email so he could give pianoman24 an extension in Introduction to Number Theory 1204. This was 1204 minutes after his sighting on 7/27/16.

- Gmaas also has randomly appeared on top of the USF's Tribal Bases(he seems to prefer the Void Tribe). However, the next day there is normally a puddle in the shape of a cat's underbelly wherever he was sighted. Nobody knows what this does. EDIT: Nobody has yet seen him atop a tribal base yet.

- Gmaas is often under the disguise of a penguin or cat. Look out for them. EDIT: Gmaas rarely disguises himself as a penguin.

- Many know that leafy stole dream island. In truth, After leafy stole it, Gmaas stole it himself. (BFDI Reference)

- He lives in the shadows. Is he a dream? Truth? Fiction? Condemnation? Salvation? AoPS site admin? He is all these things and none of them. He is... Gmaas. EDIT: He IS an AoPS site admin.

- If you make yourself more than just a cat... if you devote yourself to an ideal... and if they can't stop you... then you become something else entirely. A LEGEND. Gmaas now belongs to the ages.

- Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No. This is Gmaas, the legend.

- Aha!! An impostor!!

(Look at the acronym).

GREATER MANCHESTER ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVISORY SERVICE... GMAAS Illuminatis confirms87 EDIT. The above fact is slightly irrelevant.

- Gmaas might have been viewing (with a $\frac{99999.\overline{9}}{100000}$ chance) the Ultimate Survival Forum. He (or is he a she?) is suspected to be transforming the characters into real life. Be prepared to meet your epic swordsman self someday. If you do a sci-fi version of USF, then prepare to meet your Overpowered soldier with amazing weapons one day.

- Gmaas is neither he nor she, Gmaas is above gender.

- Gmaas is love; Gmaas is life.

- The name of Gmaas is so powerful it radiates Deja Mew.

- Gmaas is on the list of "Elusive Creatures." If you have questions or want the full list, contact moab33.

- Gmaas can be summoned using the $\tan(90)$ ritual. Draw a pentagram and write the numerical value of $\tan(90)$ in the middle, and he will be summoned. EDIT: The above fact is incorrect. math101010 has done this and commented with screenshot proof at the below link, and Gmaas was not summoned. - EDIT EDIT: The above 'proof' is non-conclusive. math101010 had only put an approximation.

- Gmaas's left eye contains the singularity of a black hole. (Only when everyone in the world blinks at the same time within a nano-nano second.) EDIT: That has never happened and thus it does not contain the singularity of a black hole.

- Lord Grindelwald once tried to make Gmaas into a Horcrux, but Gmaas's fur is Elder Wand protected and secure.

- Despite common belief, Harry Potter did not defeat Lord Voldemort. Gmaas did.

- The original owner of Gmaas is Gmaas.

- Gmaas was not the fourth Peverell brother, but he ascended into a higher being and now he resides in the body of a cat, as he was before. Is it a cat? We will know. (And the answer is YES.) EDIT: he wasn't the fourth Peverell brother, but he was a cousin of theirs, and he was the one who advised Ignotus to give up his cloak.

- It is suspected that Gmaas may be ordering his cyber hairballs to take the forums, along with microbots.

- Gmaas rarely frequents the headquarters of the Illuminati. He was their symbol for one yoctosecond, but he soon decided that the job was too low for his power to be wasted on.

- It has been wondered if Gmaas is the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker in a higher form, due to his strange capabilities and powers. EDIT: Gmaas is neither Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi as he is trillions of years older.

- Gmaas has a habit of sneaking into computers, joining The Network, and exiting out of some other computer.

- It has been confirmed that Gmaas uses gmewal as his email service.

- Gmaas has a bright orange tail with hot pink spirals. Or he had for 15 minutes. That was the 15 minutes after he tried to play Taylor Swift music on his 34,000 year old MP3 player in front of sseraj, who, at the time, was handling a bucket of dangerous, radioactive material.

- Gmaas is well known behind his stage name, Michael Stevens (also known as Vsauce XD), or his page name, Purrshanks. EDIT: Crookshanks was his brother.

- Gmaas recked sseraj at 12:54 June 4, 2016 UTC time zone. And then the Doctor chased him.

- Gmaas watchers know that the codes above are NOT years. They are secret codes for the place. But if you've edited that section of the page, you know that. EDIT: The above post is false. The post before the above post has an unknown truth value.

- Gmaas is a good friend of the TARDIS and the Millenium Falcon.

- In the Dark Lord's hut, Gmaas was seen watching Doctor Who. Anyone who has seen the Dark Lord's hut knows that both Gmaas and the DL (USF code name of the Dark Lord) love BBC. How Gmaas gave him a TV may be lost to history. And it has been lost.

- The TV has been noticed to be invincible. Many USF weapons, even volcano rings, have tried (and failed) to destroy it. The last time it was seen was on a Kobold display case outside of a mine. The display case was crushed, and a report showed a spy running off with a non-crushed TV.

- The reason why Dacammel left the USF is that gmaas entrusted his TV to him, and not wanting to be discovered by LF, Cobra, or Z9, dacammel chose to leave the USF, but is regretting it, as snakes keep spawning from the TV. EDIT: The above fact is somewhat irrelevant. EDIT EDIT. Dacammel gave the TV back to gmaas, and he left the dark side and their cookies alone.

- Gmaas is a Super Duper Uper Cat Time Lord. He has $57843504$ regenerations and has used $3$. \[9\cdot12\cdot2\cdot267794=57843504\].

- Gmaas highly enjoys destroying squeaky toys until he finds the squeaky part, then destroys the squeaky part.

- Gmaas loves to eat turnips. At $\frac{13}{32}$ of the sites he was spotted at, he was seen with a turnip.

- Gmaas has a secret hidden garden full of turnips under sseraj's house.

- sseraj is "Gmaas's person."

- Gmaas has three tails, one for everyday life, one for special occasions, and one that's invisible.

- Gmaas is a dangerous creature. If you ever meet him, immediately join his army or you will be killed.

- Gmaas is in alliance with the Cult of Skaro. How did he get an alliance with ruthless creatures that want to kill everything in sight? Nobody knows (except him), not even the leader of the Cult of Skaro.

- Gmaas lives in Gallifrey and in Gotham City (He has sleepovers with Batman).

- Gmaas is an excellent driver. EDIT: He was to one who designed the driver's license test, although he didn't bother with the permit test.

- The native location of Gmaas is the twilight zone.

- Donald Trump once sang "All Hail the Chief" to Gmaas, 3 days after being sworn in as US President.

- Gmaas likes to talk with rrusczyk from time to time.

- Gmaas can shoot fire from his smelly butt.

- Gmaas is the reason why the USF has the longest thread on AoPS.

- Gmass is an avid watcher of the popular T.V. show "Bernie Sanders and the Gauntlet of DOOM".

- sseraj, in 1521 Introduction to Number Theory, posted an image of Gmaas after saying "Who wants to see 5space?" at around 5:16 PM Mountain Time, noting Gmaas was "also 5space". EDIT: he also did it in Introduction to Algebra A once.

- Gmaas is now my HD background on my Mac.

- Gmaas is not retarded.

- In 1521 Into to Number Theory, sseraj posted an image of a 5space Gmaas fusion. (First sighting)

- Also confirmed that Gmaas doesn't like ketchup because it was the only food left the photo.

- In 1447 Intro to Geometry, sseraj posted a picture of Gmaas with a Rubik's cube suggesting that Gmaas's has an average solve time of $-GMAAS$ seconds.

- Gmaas beat Superman in a fight with ease.

- Gmaas was an admin of Roblox. EDIT: He created Roblox.

- Gmaas traveled around the world, paying so much $MONEY$ just to eat. :D

- Gmaas is a confirmed Apex predator and should not be approached, unless in a domestic form.


- When Gmaas subtracts $0.\overline{99}$ from $1$, the difference is greater than $0$.

- Gmaas was shown to have fallen on Wed Aug 23 2017:

- Gmaas died on August ,24, 2017, but fortunately IceParrot revived him after about 2 mins of being dead.

- The results of the revival are top secret, and nobody knows what happened.

- sseraj, in 1496 Prealgebra 2, said that Gmaas is Santacat.

- sseraj likes to post a picture of Gmaas in every class he passes by.

- sseraj posted a picture of Gmaas as an Ewok, suggesting he resides on the moon of Endor. Unfortunately, the moon of Endor is also uninhabitable ever since the wreckage of the Death Star changed the climate there. It is thought Gmaas is now wandering space in search for a home. EDIT: What evidence is there Endor was affected? Other Ewoks still live there. EDIT EDIT: Also, Gmaas doesn't care. He can live there no matter what the climate is.

- Gmaas is the lord of the pokemans.

- Gmaas can communicate with, and sometimes control any other cats; however, this is very rare, as cats normally have a very strong will.

- Picture of Gmaas

- Known by Mike Miller.

- Gmaas got mad at sseraj once, so he locked him in his own freezer.

- Then, sseraj decided to eat all of Gmaas's hidden turnips in the freezer as punishment.

- Gmass ate slester.

- A gmass bite is 7000 psi.

- haha0201 met him.

- haha0201 comfirms that Gmaas can talk.

- Gmaas likes to eat fur.

- Gmaas is bigger than an ant.

- Gmaas once ate the king of the ants.

- Gmass lives somewhere over the rainbow.

- Gmaas is an obviously omnipotent cat.

- ehawk11 met him.

- sseraj is known to post pictures of Gmaas on various AoPS classrooms. It is not known if these photos have been altered with the editing program called 'Photoshop.'

- sseraj has posted pictures of Gmaas in '"intro to algebra" before class started with the title "caption contest." Anyone who posted a caption mysteriously vanished in the middle of the night. EDIT: This has happened many times, including in Introduction to Geometry 1533, among other active classes. The person writing this (Poeshuman) did participate, and did not disappear. (You could argue Gmaas is typing this through his/her account...)

- Gmaas has once slept in your bed and made it gray.

- It is rumored that rrusczyk is actually Gmaas in disguise.

- Gmaas is suspected to be a Mewtwo in disguise.

- Gmaas is a cat but has characteristics of every other animal on Earth. EDIT: Gmaas does not have the characteristic of being able to eat plankton.

- Pegasus was modeled off Gmaas.

- Gmaas is the ruler of the universe and has been known to be the creator of the species "Gmaasians".

- There is a rumor that Gmaas is starting a poll.

- Gmaas is a rumored past ThunderClan cat who ran away, founded GmaasClan, then became a kittypet.

- There is a rumored sport called "Gmaas Hunting" where people try to successfully capture Gmaas in the wild with video/camera/eyes. Strangely, no one has been able to do this, and those that have have mysteriously disappeared into the night. Nobody knows why. The person who is writing this (g1zq) has tried Gmaas Hunting, but has never been successful.

- Gmaas burped and caused an earthquake.

- Gmaas once drank from your pretty teacup.


- Gmaas made, and currently owns the Matrix.

- The above fact is true. Therefore, this is an illusion.

- Gmaas is the reason Salah will become better than Ronaldo.

- Who is Gmaas, really?

− Gmass is a heavenly being.

- Illuminati was a manifestation of Gmaas, but Gmaas decided Illuminati was not great enough for his godly self.

- jlikemath has met Gmaas and Gmaas is his best friend.

EDIT: jlikemath is Gmaas's great great great great great grandson.

- Gmaas hates K-pop.

- Gmaas read Twilight. EDIT: ...and SURVIVED.

- There is a secret code when put into super smash, Gmass would be a playible character. Too bad he didn't say it.

- Gmaas was a tribute to one of the Hunger Games and came out a Victor and now lives in District 4.

- Gmaas is the only known creature to survive the destruction of earth in 99999999 years.

- 5space (side admin) is another one of Gmaas's slaves.

Gmaas photos

− He was also sighted here.

gmaas in Popular Culture

− - Currently, is being written (by themoocow) about the adventures of gmaas. It is aptly titled, "The Adventures of gmaas". Sorry, this was a rick roll troll.

- BREAKING NEWS: tigershark22 has found a possible cousin to gmaas in Raymond Feist's book Silverthorn. They are mountain dwellers, gwali. Not much are known about them either, and when someone asked,"What are gwali?" the customary answer "This is gwali" is returned. Scientist 5space is now looking into it.

− - Sullymath and themoocow are also writing a book about Gmaas.

− - Sighting of Gmaas:

− - Oryx the mad god is actually Gmaas wearing a suit of armor. This explains why he is never truly killed.

− - Potential sighting of Gmaas [1]

− - Gmaas has been spotted in some Doctor Who and Phineas and Ferb episodes, such as Aliens of London, Phineas and Ferb Save Summer, Dalek, Rollercoaster, Rose, Boom Town, The Day of The Doctor, Candace Gets Busted, and many more.

− - Gmaas can be found in many places in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Bloons TD Battles.

− - Gmaas was an un-credited actor in the Doctor Who story Knock Knock, playing a Dryad. How he shrunk, we will never know.

− - oadaegan is also writing a story about him. He is continuing the book that was started by JpusheenS. When he is done he will post it here.

− - Gmaas is a time traveler from 0.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 B.C.

− - No one knows if Gmaas is a Mr. Mime in a cat skin, the other way around, or just a downright combination of both.

− - In it, it mentions these four links as things Gmaas is having trouble (specifically technical difficulties). What could it mean? Links:

− - Another possible Gmaas sighting: [2]

− - $Another$ sighting? [3]

− - Yet Another Gmaas sighting? [4]

− - Gmaas has been sighted several times on the Global Announcements forum.

− - Gmaas uses the following transportation: <img> </img>

- When Gmaas was mad, he started world wars 1 & 2. It is only because of Gmaas that we have not had World War 3.

- Gmaas is the only cat to have been proved irrational and transcendental, though we suspect all cats fall in the first category.

- Gmaas belongs to a secret club of transcendental cats.

- That club is located underneath the Eiffel Tower.

- Gmaas plays Geometry Dash and shares an account with Springhill, his username is D3m0nG4m1n9.

- Gmaas has beaten every demon in Geometry Dash along with their unnerfed versions and every upcoming demon too.

− - Gmaas likes to whiz on the wilzo.

− - Gmaas has been spotted in AMC 8 Basics.

− - Gmaas is cool.

− - Gmaas hemoon card that does over 9000000 dmg.

- Gmaas is a skilled swordsman who should not to be mistaken for Puss in Boots. Some say he even trained the mysterious and valiant Meta Knight.

− - Kirby once swallowed Gmaas. Gmaas had to spit him out.

− - Gmaas was the creator of pokemon, and his pokemon card can OHKO anyone in one turn. He is invisible and he will always move first.

- Gmaas beat Dongmin in The Genius Game Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

− - Gmaas has five letters. Pizza also has five letters. Pizzas are round. Eyes are round. There is an eye in the illuminati symbol. iLLuMiNaTii cOnFiRmEdd.

− - Gmaas knows both 'table' and 'tabular' in LaTeX, and can do them in his sleep. EDIT: Gmaas invented LaTeX in his sleep.

- Gmaas hates crawdads with the passion of a thousand burning stars.

− - Gmaas does not hate cheddar cheese, but he doesn't love it either.

− - Gmaas is a cat and not a cat.

− - Gmaas was born on the sun. EDIT: Not the sun, the suns. He was born on all the suns at once.

− - Gmaas eats tape.

- Gmaas invented tape.

- Gmaas likes Bubble Gum.

− - Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb; Gmaas did.

- Gmaas also invented the alphabet.

- Gmaas eats metal.

− - Gmaas is over 9000 years old!

− - EDIT: This is just a DBZ reference, and bears no reality to his true age.

− - Gmaas started the Iron Age.

− - Gmaas made the dinosaurs go extinct.

− - Gmaas created Life.

- Gmaas created AoPS. EDIT: AoPS was actually born out of a small fraction of Gmaas's abstract reality, and only the sheer amount math can keep it here. (It is also rumored that when he reclaims it, the USF will be deleted, as that is where 83% of the factions of his abstract reality lives, and when people leave USF, more and more escapes.)

− Gmaas also created mathematics itself.

- Gmaas does not like Roblox.

− - Gmaas told Steve Jobs to start a company.

− - Gmaas invented Geometry Dash.

- Gmaas got to $infty$ in Flappy Bird.

- Gmaas invented Helix Jump.

- Gmaas can play Happy Birthday on the Violin.

- Gmaas has mastered Paganini.

- Gmaas discovered Atlantis after one dive underwater.

- Gmaas made a piano with 89 keys.

- Gmaas can see the future and change it.

- Gmaas has every super power you can imagine. EDIT: Gmaas has more superpowers than you can imagine.

- Gmaas made a Violin with 9 strings.

- Gmaas can somehow read 5 books at once.

- Gmaas eats rubber bands.

- Gmaas married Mrs. Norris. EDIT: Mrs. Norris is his second worst enemy and his wife.

- Gmaas can fly faster than anything.

- Grumpy cat is his son. EDIT: Grumpy cat is his worst enemy and his son.

- Gmaas eats paper.

- Gmaas likes lollipops.

- Gmaas nibbles on pencils.

- Gmaas is alive. EDIT: He is both alive and dead. (For reference, see later post.)

- Gmaas is Ninja in Fortnite. EDIT: Gmaas possesses Ninja in Fortnite.

- Gmaas is love, Gmaas is life.

- Gmaas taught rrusczyk everything he knows about mathematics.

- Gmaas can control matter by looking at it.

- Gmaas created AoPS.

- Gmaas is a quantum particle. EDIT: Gmaas is multiple quantum particles.

- Gmaas is alive and dead at the same time.

- GmaAs likes snow.


$\text{gmaas is right behind you}$

- GMAAS likes his eggs hard boiled.

- GMAAS doesn't take showers; he only takes bloodbaths.

- When the bogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Gmaas.

- When Gmaas crosses the street, the cars have to look both ways.

- Gmaas counted to infinity an infinite amount of times.

-Gmaas pulled the pin in a grenade. 1 billlion people died. Then he threw it.

- Gmaas controls the Illuminati and controls all the world's resources. He also is the ruler of the communist society on Mars.

- Gmaas has taken the AHSME/AMC 10, AIME, USAJMO, USAMO, and IMO all the years it has come out. It is rumored that for 2018, gmaas got a 163.5 on the AMC 12A, a 156 on the AMC 12B, and 17 problems right on the AIME I.

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