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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[IMO Problems and Solutions]]
* [[Mathematics competition resources]]
* [[Mathematics competition resources]]
* [[Math books]]
* [[Math books]]

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The International Mathematical Olympiad is the pinnacle of all high school mathematics competitions. Each year, countries from around the world send a team of 6 students to compete in a grueling competition.

Format of the Competition

The competition takes place over 2 consecutive days. Each day 3 problems are given to the students to work on for 4.5 hours.


Scoring on each problem is done on a 0-7 scale (inclusive and integers only). Full credit is only given for complete, correct solutions. Each solution is intended to be in the form of a mathematical proof. Since there are 6 problems, a perfect score is 42 points.


Medals and honorable mentions are given out.

  • Gold - the top 1/12 of individual scores.
  • Silver - the next 2/12 of individual scores.
  • Bronze - the next 3/12 of individual scores.
  • Honorable mention - any student who receives a score of 7 on any one problem but did not receive a medal.

Team Competition

There is no official team competition. Unofficially, however, the scores of each team are compared each year where a team's score is the sum of their individual scores.


The IMO started in 1959 as a competition among Eastern European countries. Since then, it has evolved into the premier international competition in mathematics.

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