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Kevin Zhao is a kid in eighth grade, who goes to R.J. Grey Junior High School in Acton MA. He has won a lot of contests! His real name is Kevin Zhao, and he is very strong at math. He moved to Acton MA in the beginning of third grade, and ever since, studied math very hard! He is now in Lexington MA.
Fourth Grade:
* Math Kangaroo 1st place state, 1st place national (Score 96/96)
Fifth grade:
* MOEMS medal, trophy, Gold Pin
* Math Kangaroo 16th place national (Score 103/120)
* RSM Olympiad Silver Medal (Score 11/12)
Sixth grade:
* AMC 8 Honor Roll(Score 16)
* MOEMS trophy, Gold Pin
* Math Kangaroo 1st place state, 1st place national (Score 120/120)
* RSM Olympiad(2016 International Math Contest) Gold Medal (Score 12/12)
Seventh grade:
* AMC 8 Distinguished Honor Roll(Score 24)
* AMC 10 B Achievement Roll (106.5; He failed AMC 10A)
* Mathcounts State Qualifer(On Team) (Chapter Score 42: 26+16) (State score 28: 14+14, 41st place)
* MOEMS trophy, Gold Pin
* Math Kangaroo 1st place state, 1st place national (Score 120/120)
* RSM Olympiad(2016 International Math Contest) Silver Medal (Score 9/12)
* ABMC Accuracy Round tied 1st place (Bumped to fifth in tiebreaker)
* ABMC Overall Tenth place Individual
Eighth Grade:
* AMC 8 Distinguished Honor Roll, Perfect Score
* EMCC Overall Eighth place Individual <math>^1</math>
* AMC 10 A Distinguished Honor Roll(Score 138)
* AMC 10 B Distinguished Honor Roll(Score 127.5)
* 7 on AIME, USAJMO Index 208
* Mathcounts kevin State Qualifer(Individual) (Chapter Score 44)(State Score 41)
* Mathcounts National Qualifier(2nd in state) (State Score 41: 27+14)<math>^2</math>
* Mathcounts Nationals 60th place (Score 23: 15+8)<math>^3</math>
* LMT Overall Winner (First place Individual)
* ABMC Overall Seventh place Individual
* Math Kangaroo 2nd place state, 3rd place national (Score 116/120)
* RSM Olympiad(2018 International Math Contest) Gold Medal (Score 12/12)
Ninth grade:
* CMIMC tied tenth place in Combinatorics/Computer Science round (Scales score 28.07, Unscaled score 5/10)
Kevin Zhao lives in one of the strongest schools at math in New England. His school won a lot of achievments with Kevin.
* Mathcounts Chapter 2017 First Place (In their chapter)
* Mathcounts State 2017 Third Place (In MA)
* LMT 2017 Fourth Place <math>^4</math>
* ABMC 2017 Second Place
* EMCC 2018 First Place
* LMT 2018 First Place <math>^4</math>
* ABMC 2018 Fifth Place <math>^5</math>
' = Not sure yet
Note that Kevin did bad on the School round, so he did not make his school team in 2018. He made his own team with friends, instead of kids that are good at math, for ABMC in 2018.<math>^6</math>
Kevin moved into Lexington during the summer of 2018, and switched to Lexington High School in the fall for ninth grade.
"My ultimate goal is to get accepted into Massachusetts Institute of Technology or some other very good college, and from there, study mathematics very deep", said Kevin. He is now in his third year of PRIMES STEP, a research program held at MIT once a week for kids grade 7-9. He got admitted to his third year without an admission test.
*<math>^1</math> Kevin tied for Fourth Place, but Tiebreaker brought him down.
*<math>^2</math> Kevin tied for First Place, but Tiebreaker brought him down.
*<math>^3</math> Kevin wrote the wrong answer in the wrong box, and got tiebreakered barely out of top 56.
*<math>^4</math> This is both team, and sweepstakes(Overall).
*<math>^5</math> This is Sweepstakes(Overall).
*<math>^6</math> Kevin's math rival registered before him, leaving him out.

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