Mathematics scholarships

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The following list of mathematics scholarships is primarily for American students. This list can be reorganized to incorporate scholarship programs in other countries. Just make that reorganization as clear and as clean as possible.

Additions to this list are welcomed and encouraged. Please don't be stingy about letting students in on how they can finance their educations!

National mathematics scholarship competitions

Major scholarship programs

  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Thousands of Coca-Cola Scholars have received millions in overall academic support. website
  • Davidson Fellows Scholarships. Davidson Fellows receive a $50,000,$25,000 or $10,000 scholarship in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the areas of science, technology, mathematics, music, literature and/or philosophy. [ website]
  • [[Department of Homeland Security]] Scholarship and Fellowship Program. Full tuition and stipend and internships for eligible students. [ website]
  • [[Intel Science Talent Search]]. One of the oldest and largest math and science scholarship programs. Intel STS winners receive scholarships of up to$ (Error compiling LaTeX. ! Misplaced alignment tab character &.)100,000. website
  • International Science and Engineering Fair. Another Intel-sponsored science and mathematics competition, arguably the most important such competition in the world. The 3 ISEF winners each receive a $50,000 scholarship. [] * [[MathCounts]] -- Many scholarships are awarded at state and national level MathCounts competitions. * [[Newton Fellowship Program]] -- [[Math for America]] offers generous stipends for up to$90,000 for students training to teach math at a New York City high school. website
  • Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships awarded annually. website

Other scholarship programs

Scholarships to mathematics summer programs

Study abroad scholarships

Actuarial scholarships

Graduate school scholarship programs

University specific mathematics scholarships

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds many scholarships for math, science, and engineering students in the United States. These scholarships are often award through specific universities including many of the scholarships listed below.

Note that CSEMS stands for Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Graduate mathematics scholarships

Undergraduate mathematics scholarships

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