Mathew Crawford

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Mathew Crawford was the first employee of Art of Problem Solving. He attended Louis Pizitz Middle School, Vestavia Hills High School, and Washington University in St. Louis, at which he became very successful in many competitions. He is now CEO of MIST Academy, a school for gifted and talented students in Birmingham, Alabama. He also writes most of the problems and solutions for the iTest competitions and is co-coach of the Alabama ARML Team.

His competition achievements include:

  • Top 2 Written in National MathCounts in 7th grade and 8th grade, in which he scored a 44 and a perfect score of 46.
  • Two-time perfect scorer on the AHSME.
  • Perfect score on the AIME as a freshman.
  • Three-time invitee to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program.
  • Member of a top 4 Putnam team.

Mr. Crawford formerly wrote and taught classes at AoPS. His first book, Introduction to Number Theory was published by AoPS in June, 2006. He will be coauthor of the upcoming Intermediate Algebra text scheduled for publication by AoPS soon.

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