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Formerly known as the Great Plains Math League (GPML), runs the state high school math championships in Missouri (since 1998), Iowa (since 1999), Kansas (since 2000), and Arizona (since 2007).'s test format can best be described as a hybrid between the MATHCOUNTS and ARML formats. also organizes ARML teams from several states.

Test Format

The test generally starts off with the Number Scene Round. This is where the competitor has 10 minutes to do as many questions out of 80 as they can. The questions are usually simple like what's 56x45. The questions get harder the higher the question number. Every to questions are estimation questions.

The next round is the Target Round. In the target round, four pairs of two questions each are given out. Students are given 10 minutes to complete each set. Each question is worth 10 points.

The next round is the Sprint Round, a one-hour, 30-question, multiple choice test. The scoring is similarly weighted to the SAT weighting, so that randomly guessing statistically should give you the same score as if without guessing: correct questions are worth four points, but incorrect questions will incur a deduction of one point. Therefore the maximum possible is 120 points.

The final round, the Team Round, is a set of 10 questions, which are comparatively harder than the previous rounds, to be done in 20 minutes.

At the state and regionals levels, there is also a Power Round, which is a proof based problem set of around 10 problems for a team. The Power Round is scored out of 100, with possible partial credit on most problems. There are usually about 10 problems.


The top two relay scores are added to the average of the top six individual scores from that school (if a school sent less students those extra "filler" receive an assumed zero). Then the team round is added. The total points possible for a team is 400.

The individual score is computed by adding the sprint round to the target round, for a maximum of 200.

At contests where the Power Round is taken, that score is also included in the total sum, making it out of 500.


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