Mock AIME 5 2005-2006 Problems/Problem 12

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Let $ABC$ be a triangle with $AB = 13$, $BC = 14$, and $AC = 15$. Let $D$ be the foot of the altitude from $A$ to $BC$ and $E$ be the point on $BC$ between $D$ and $C$ such that $BD = CE$. Extend $AE$ to meet the circumcircle of $ABC$ at $F$. If the area of triangle $FAC$ is $\frac{m}{n}$, where $m$ and $n$ are relatively prime positive integers, find $m+n$.


Let area of $\triangle XYZ$ be denoted by $[XYZ]$.

By Heron's theorem , We get




By pythagoras theorem on $\triangle ABD$ , We get $BD=5=CE$ So, $DE=4$.

Again applying pythagoras theorem on $\triangle AED$ , We get, $AE=\sqrt{160}$

As $\triangle ABC$ and $\triangle AEC$ share same height ,

So, $\frac{[AEC]}{[ABC]}=\frac{EC}{BC}=\frac{5}{14}$

Thus $[AEC]=30$

So, $[ABE]=84-30=54$

Now, $\angle AEB = \angle FEC$ [Vertical angle]

$\angle BAF = \angle BCF$ [shares same chord BF]

$Or, \angle BAE = \angle ECF$

So, $\triangle ABE$ is simillar to $\triangle CFE$

Now, $\frac{[CEF]}{[AEB]}=\frac{CE^2}{AE^2}=\frac{25}{160}=\frac{5}{32}$

So, $[CEF]=\frac{135}{16}$

Now, $[ACF]=[CEF]+[AEC]=\frac{135}{16}+30=\frac{615}{16}$

Thus required answer=$615+16=\fbox{631}$



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