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(Historical Results)
(Historical Results)
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| 13th
| 13th
| 42nd
| 42nd
! 2015  
! 2015  
| 12th  
| 12th  

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North Carolina has historically sent two teams of 15 to ARML each year, along with a handful of alternates. These two teams were previously called, and continue to be colloquially referred to as, the "A" and "B" teams. Due to the B team's 4th place finish in Division B in 2007, however, it has been required to compete in the A division, so the teams have been renamed to "A1" and "A2," respectively.

Team selection is done primarily via the North Carolina State Math Contest, with consideration given to results on the AMC series of tests and performance in local meets, notably the Duke Math Meet. One to three official practices are held each year at NCSSM.

Historical Results

Year A/A1 B/A2
2016 13th 42nd
2015 12th 49th
2013 2nd 33rd
2012 1st 25th
2011 3rd 26th
2010 4th 40th
2009 7th 38th
2008 3rd 39rd
2007 4th 4th*
2006 1st 14th*
2005 7th 25th*
2004 15th 13th*

B division performances marked by *

Earlier results of the A team may be found here.


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