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Not Just Twenty Questions is a forum created by Blueclay in 2019. It is the current longest living game forum.
==The Creation==
Not much is known about the creation of the legendary NJTQ and it's creator, Blueclay, but we do know the welcome thread was created 1 day before New Years Day of 2020. The bank was created a bit later, on March 15, 2020.
==The Discord Server==
The Discord Server for RtR and NJTQ members is a discord server created by PBC and Saturn. It is a non-public discord server, with 72 members. The community there is PG13, and has many members of the most popular RtR and NJTQ users.
Blueclay, IWantYouToBeHappy, rf20008, and tennisplayer2007.
Beast_Boss, Elektrolyte, flec, Heinrich_W_Ernst, leafwhisker, RedFlame2112, ss34768, sunflower42day, and UsernamesAreHardToPick.
==Recent Events==
Moderator Election (https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/c1036644h2467082)
Status: Finished
Victors: ss34768, sunflower42day, and UsernamesAreHardToPick (https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/c1036644h2499153)
===Announced and Unannounced Topics===
====Announced Topics====
1. My Hero Academia: New Class
2. Welcome to NJTQ
3. The NJTQ Bank
4. NJTQ Sushi & Sashimi Restaurant
5. Pokemon!!! Lite
====Unannounced Topics====
1. Connect Four
2. Moderator Elections
3. NJTQ Sushi & Sashimi Restaurant
===Other Announcements===

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