Ongoing Mathematical Tournaments and Marathons on AoPS

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Ongoing Tournaments

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=448120 Tournament #1: Algebra 1 & 2</url> Tournament Mod: AlcumusGuy

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=455410 Middle School Competition: 1/1/12 - 1/10/12</url> Tournament Mod: CutePenguin2

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=438671 Thunder Thinking Mathematica</url> Tournament Mod: Debdut

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=452812 Winter Math Tournament</url> Tournament Mod: Mrdavid445

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=450228 Qualifying - Final round of bluehall90 math contest</url> Tournament Mod: bluehall90

<url>viewtopic.php?f=532&t=481296 IONOSPHERE Summer MOCK MATHCOUNTS Tournament </url> Tournament Mod: Binomial-Theorem and Aequilipse

Recent Tournaments

CRICKET229’s Math Tournament! Tournament mod: CRICKET229 Level: High School Basics

Middle School Level Knockout Tournament #2 Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem Level: Middle School Contests

Proof of the Month Contest (Intermediate Level)

Tournament mod: 3333 Level: High School Intermediate Binomial-Theorem's AMC Level Tournament Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem Level: Middle School Classroom through High School Pre-Olympiad

Father's Day 2011 Tournament (Intermediate Level)

Tournament mod: ahaanomegas Level: High School Intermediate

PWG Annual Math Tournament 

Tournament mod: mcqueen Level: High School Basics-High School Intermediate The new Tournament-everyone consider joining! Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

Applepi's Math Competition

Tournament mod: applepi2000 Level: High School Basics-High School Intermediate Mock Mathcounts Competition Tournament mod: Mrdavid445 Level: Mathcounts Colossal AMC Tournament Tournament mod: mario123 Level: High School Intermediate

YMC A and YMC B (youarebad math competition)

Tournament mod: youarebad Level: High School Basics 1001 Day Competition Tournament mod: Kingofmath101 Level: High school Intermediate

Ahaanomegas' Trigonumetry Competition 

Tournament mod: ahaanomegas Level: High School Intermediate

AZ's First Math Tournament ( High School Olympiad Level)

Tournament mod: abhinavzandubalm Level: High School Olympiad

Running Marathons

[*] [url=]Beginning Algebra Marathon[/url] Creator: JSGandora Level: Middle School Classroom

[*] [url=]Middle School Number Theory Marathon[/url] Creator: ahaanomegas Level: Middle School Classroom

[*] [url=]Beginning Geometry Marathon[/url] Creator: chengp Level: Middle School Classroom

[*] [url=]Beginning Probability Marathon[/url] Creator: mishai Level: Middle School Classroom

[*] [url=]Mathcounts marathon!!!![/url] Creator: mathking123 Level: Middle School Contests

[*] [url=]Geometry Marathon[/url] Creator: Mrdavid445 Level: High School Basics

[*] [url=]Probability Marathon[/url] Creator: JSGandora Level: High School Basics

[*] [url=]Number Theory Marathon[/url] Creator: Binomial-Theorem Level: High School Basics

[*] [url=]Intermediate Algebra Marathon[/url] Creator: hrithikguy Level: High School intermediate

[*] [url=]Problem Solving Marathon 2[/url] Creator: Silverfalcon Level: High School Intermediate

[*] [url=]Graphing Marathon[/url] Creator: tjt1005 Level: High School Intermediate

[*] [url=]Intermediate Problem Solving Marathon[/url] Creator: Slizzel Level: High School Intermediate

[*] [url=]Combinatorics Marathon.[/url] Creator: Informatic Olympiad Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

[*] [url=]Does there exist Marathon?[/url] Creator: oneplusone Level: High School Pre-Olympiad [*] [url=]Geometry Marathon[/url] Creator: vaibhav2903 Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

[*] [url=]Geometric Inequalities Marathon[/url] Creator: Bigsams Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

[*] [url=]Number theory Marathon[/url] Creator: BadrGhamdi Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

[*] [url=]Pre-olympiad algebra(equations) marathon[/url] Creator: myro111 Level: High School Pre-Olympiad

[*] [url=]Inequalities Marathon[/url] Creator: hasan4444

Level:  High School Pre-Olympiad[/list]

Archived Tournaments

[*] [url=]My Second Mock Test![/url] Tournament mod: Yongyi781 [url=]Results/Solutions are found here[/url]

[*] [url=]Mock Mathcounts[/url] Tournament mod: AIME15

[*] [url=]Failure Cup[/url] Tournament Mod: CountdownKing

[*] [url=]The Math Olympics[/url] Tournament mod: Isabella2296 [url=]Problem Discussion Thread[/url]

[*] [url=]My mock test[/url] Tournament mod: gauss1181 [url=]Results found here[/url]

[*] [url=]Shen Mathcounts[/url] Tournament mod: Shentang

[*] [url=]pythag011’s tournament[/url] Tournament mod: pythag001

[*] [url=]007math’s Tournament[/url] Tournament mod: 007math

[*] [url=]42nd Mock Mathcounts![/url] Tournament mod: xpmath [url=]Problem Discussion Thread[/url]

[*] [url=]AIME15’s Tournament[/url] Tournament mod: AIME15

[*] [url=]Izzy’s Mock MathCounts[/url] Tournament mod: Isabella2296

[*] [url=]Are YOU Smarter Than A Nats-Er?[/url] Tournament mod: AIME15

[*] [url=]Thunder365’s “I have problems” Tournament![/url] Tournament mod: Thunder365

[*] [url=]10 Round Tournament[/url] Tournament mod: AIME15

[*] [url=]Mock MathCounts test thread[/url] Tournament mod: PowerOfPi

[*] [url=]My own mock mathcounts school round[/url] Tournament mod: Maybach

[*] [url=]isabella2296’s Super Tourney![/url] Tournament mod: isabella2296

[*][url=]Problem-A-Day Marathon[/url] Tournament mod: applepi2000

[*] [url=]Gauging Interest- Mock MATHCOUNTS nationals[/url] Tournament mod: BOGTRO

[*] [url=]ATML[/url] Tournament mod: AwesomeToad [*] [url=]Mathcounts Level Knockout Tournament[/url] Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem

[*] [url=]Middle School Classroom Math Problem-a-Day Marathon #1[/url] Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem

[*] [url=]Proof Writing/Problem Solving Competition[/url] Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem

[*] [url=]Algebra 2 marathon[/url] Tournament mod: Binomial-Theorem

[*] [url=]Colosimo Open Contest[/url] Tournament mod: Colosimo

[*] [url=]The First of youarebad's contest (High School Basic Level)[/url] Tournament mod: youarebad

[*] [url=]AMRL relay contest[/url] Tournament mod: jli10

[*] [url=]Mother’s Day 2011 Tournament (intermediate level)[/url] Tournament mod: ahaanomegas

[*] [url=]MathCounts and AMC 8 contest[/url] Tournament mod: eaglehawk7[/list] [/hide] [hide="Inactive Problem-a-Day Marathons"] [size=150] [u] Inactive Problem-a-Day Marathons [/u] [/size] [list] [*] [url=]Problems of the Day[/url] Tournament mod: abacadaea

[*] [url=]Problem Of The Day II[/url] Tournament mod: rd5493

[*][url=]Problem of the Day[/url] Tournament mod: isabella2296

[*] [url=]High School Intermediate Math Problem-a-Day Marathon![/url] Tournament mod: Darwin_rivera

[*] [url=]High School Basic Marathon Contest[/url] Tournament mod: youarebad

[*] [url=]Middle School Classroom Math Problem-a-Day Marathon #3[/url] Tournament mod: Mrdavid445[/list]

Past Marathons

[b][size=150][u] Inactive Marathons [/u][/size][/b] [u] Middle School Classroom [/u] [url=]Problem a day Marathon version alkahfi[/url] [url=]The Einstein problem marathon[/url] [url=]Proposed Questions Marathon[/url] [url=]Classroom Math Marathon[/url] [url=]Problem Marathon[/url] [url=]Classroom Math Marathon (1)[/url] [url=]Classroom Math Marathon 2[/url] [url=]Classroom Math Marathon 3[/url] [url=]Classroom Math Marathon 4[/url] [u] Middle School Contests [/u]

[url=]Variations Marathon[/url] [url=]Multi-Subject Marathon[/url] [url=]Operation Snopidist[/url] [url=]Mathcounts/AMC 8 marathon[/url] [url=]MOEMS marathon[/url] [url=]Geometry Mathcounts Marathon/Forum[/url] [url=]Random Problems Marathon[/url] [url=]Middle School Marathon[/url] [url=]Algebra Marathon[/url] [url=]Geometry Marathon[/url] [url=]antother marathon!!! im a new kid[/url] [url=]MOEMS marathon[/url] [url=]10 round tournament![/url] [url=]MOEMS Marathon #2!!!![/url] [url=]Math Marathon[/url] [url=]Problems of the day[/url] [url=]MOEMS marathon[/url] [url=]Mathcounts Marathon[/url] [url=]Mathcounts Problem Solving Marathon...2![/url] [url=]Nats problem solving marathon[/url] [url=]PUZZLES PROBLEMS covering all areas of math[/url] [url=]MOEMS Problem of the day![/url] [url=]Mathcounts Target Round Marathon[/url] [url=]Mathcounts Problem Solving Marathon[/url] [url=]Problem of the Week[/url] [url=]Basics Forum Marathon[/url] [url=]The Mathcounts Challenge, not a problem, a competition!!!![/url] [u] High School Basics [/u] [url=]Rapid Calculations Marathon[/url] [url=]Combinatorics Marathon[/url] [url=]Factoring Marathon[/url] [url=]Random Problems Marathon[/url] [url=]Dictionary Compilation/Problem Marathon[/url] [url=]Counting and Probability Marathon[/url] [url=]The Counting Marathon![/url] [url=]High School Summer Marathon[/url] [url=]Marathon[/url] [url=]Geometry Marathon[/url] [url=]Number Theory Marathon[/url] [url=]Problem Solving Marathon 3[/url] [url=]Problem Solving Marathon[/url] [u] High School Intermediate [/u] [url=]AMC 12+AIME Marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Algebra/Pre-Calculus Marathon[/url] [url=]AIME-Level Marathon!!![/url] [url=]Problem Solving Marathon[/url] [url=]Contest Variety Marathon[/url] [url=]AIME Marathon[/url] [url=]Algebra 2 marathon![/url] [url=]Trigonometry and Geometry Marathon[/url] [url=]Number Theory Marathon[/url] [url=]AIME Marathon[/url] [url=]Diophantine Equation & perfect power marathon[/url] [url=]Solving Math Problems Marathon[/url] [url=]AIME marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Combinatorics/Probability Marathon[/url] [url=]The Intermediate Complex Numbers and Trigo Marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Marathon[/url] [url=]What is bigger?-the marathon[/url] [url=]AIME Marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Chess Marathon (started!)[/url] [url=]Algebra, nt, and polynomials marathon #2[/url] [url=]The Intermediate Geometry Marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Forum AIME marathon[/url] [url=]Proof Marathon[/url] [url=]Intermediate Problem Solving Marathon[/url] [url=]Problem Solving Marathon 2[/url] [u] High School Pre-Olympiad [/u] [url=]Algebra Pre-Olympiad Marathon[/url] [url=]Olympiad Marathon[/url] [url=]Country Marathon[/url] [url=]Algebraic equation Marathon[/url] [url=]Series Marathon[/url] [url=]The anything marathon[/url] [url=]Pre-Olympiad Marathon[/url] [url=]Inequality Lessons/Marathon[/url] [url=]Algebra Marathon Olympiad[/url] [url=]Algebra and equations marathon[/url]

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