Scholastic Aptitude Test

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SATI , or just simply "SAT," is a standardized test that tests the critical reasoning skills that are needed for success in college. The majority of students who take the test are high school juniors or seniors though the test can be taken earlier. The test contains three sections: a math section, a writing section, and a critical reading section. 800 points can be earned in each section; a student can recieve up to 2400 points on the SAT. The amount of points obtained in each section, and thus on the entire test, is always a multiple of 10. The SAT is widely regarded as being trivial compared to the AMC series competitions because it is meant for a large audience.


The SAT was started by a company known as the ETS, which stands for Evil Testing Serpent. This company's purpose is to monopolize the testing industry and charge ridiculously high prices for testing, as most schools only accept the SAT as admission requirements. This has changed in recent years; the College Board took over the ETS, creating a no less nefarious megacorp that controls the SAT, the APs, and many other facets of a student's education. They are the ones responsible for sitting on their fat bankrolls of money as they watch students suffer through tortuously boring or notoriously difficult testing, relishing the power they hold over the poor hapless students.


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