Singapore mathematics competitions

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Mathematics Competitions in Singapore

Primary School (Grades 1-6 only) 1) National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) 2) Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 3) Raffles-Primary World Mathematics Contest Secondary School (Grades 7-10) 3) Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

The most important would be SMO, or the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, which is split into Junior, Open and and Senior categories, all of which resemble, AMC 10, IMO, AMC 12 respectively in difficulty. It is used to determine the team that goes to IMO from Singapore. Students may also opt to take AMC examinations as prep in several centres in the country.

Annually, booklets are available of past year papers for practice and self-assessment. The Open and Senior categories are for the mathematically comprehensive. Open parts resemble IMO in difficulty whereas the senior part resemble AMC 12 in difficulty.

Students may take the examinations at any time they wish.

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