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  • ...blem solving methods permeate the studies of [[mathematics]], [[science]], and [[technology]]. The human processes involved in problem solving are often ...ht – I was 0-for-60+. I came away no longer confident that I was good at math. I assumed that most of the other kids did better at MOP because they knew
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  • ...enter], in that order) to get started with LaTeX. These programs are free, and are not produced or distributed by AoPS Incorporated. ...sers Group] has a list of other LaTeX programs, including programs for Mac and Linux computers. ''
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  • ...les as you go. It takes almost no time at all to just copy-paste, compile, and view the results. ...in the preamble. Often, much of the preamble is placed in a separate file and included using the \usepackage statement. This allows you to use the same
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  • This article will answer common LaTeX questions and provide solutions to common LaTeX problems. For more active help, please co Here are commonly asked LaTeX questions and possible answers.
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  • ...aughter. Tony is the youngest child. Twins Joshua and Alexis are <math>12</math> years old. ...extdollar{33}</math> for adults (Jerry and Hannah), <math>\textdollar{22}</math> for children
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  • ...<math>x_0</math>, <math>x_1</math> , <math>\dots</math> , <math>x_{2011}</math> such that ...are about is that <math>m-1 | 2010</math> which happens <math>\boxed{016}</math> times.
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  • Here I give proofs of many theorems used in K-12 Math classes. Just some food for thought! ...I stand my assertion that these are "proofs of many theorems used in K-12 Math classes." :)
    745 bytes (125 words) - 02:02, 10 May 2016
  • *<url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=397682 Alcumus v.1.0 by abcak and ahaanomegas</url> *<url>viewtopic.php?f=624&t=436789 Let me Google that for you by asf</url>
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  • ...999999999999999999999^{9999999999999999999999999999999999999}</math> years and counting. That's older than he is. EDIT: It is not older than he is because ...an made a mistake and reciprocated the fee," you must pay <math>1,000,000</math> to solve a problem using the Games theorem. You wouldn't waste that much m
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  • ...f minutes putting Michael's loose papers in the trash. "That seems fair to me," confirms Hannah encouragingly. ...knows neither the value of <math>n</math>, nor the value of <math>a_{n-1}</math>, but still she finds a [greatest] lower bound for the answer to the proble
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  • 6. Almighty Gmaas is everywhere and nowhere. He sees and penetrates all. ...999999999999999999999^{9999999999999999999999999999999999999}</math> years and counting. That's older than he is. EDIT: It is not older than he is because
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  • {{duplicate|[[2020 AMC 10B Problems|2020 AMC 10B #24]] and [[2020 AMC 12B Problems|2020 AMC 12B #21]]}} ...ath>\lfloor x\rfloor</math> is the greatest integer not exceeding <math>x</math>.)
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  • ...inspired by master math solver Lcz, I have decided to take Oly notes (for me) online! I'll probably be yelled at even more for staring at the computer, ...and:<cmath>\sqrt[n]{a_{1}a_{2}a_{3} \cdots a_{n}}.</cmath>where <math>x=0</math>.
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