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  • The following is a list of [[PMWC]] problems from the year 2005 What is the greatest possible number one can get by discarding <math>100</math> dig
    9 KB (1,449 words) - 19:49, 2 October 2020
  • ...> different factors (including the number <math>1</math> and itself). What is the smallest possible value of <math>y</math>? ...^{6972593}-1</math>. What is the remainder when <math>2^{6972593}-1</math> is divided by <math>5</math>?
    11 KB (1,713 words) - 20:34, 21 April 2014
  • ...rough points <math>P</math> and <math>R</math>. The area of the rectangle is ...will be congruent to <math>AD</math>, and thus <math>AD = 4</math>, which is the height of the rectangle.
    2 KB (409 words) - 23:15, 4 July 2013
  • ...n a square and circumscribed about another square as shown. Which fraction is closest to the ratio of the circle's shaded area to the area between the tw ...square to the center is equivalent to the circle's radius so the diagonal is equal to the diameter: <math>2*2*1/2=2.</math>
    3 KB (434 words) - 16:00, 9 November 2020
  • ...arc <math>EFG</math>. Find the area of the shaded part. (Assume <math>\pi=3.14</math>)
    786 bytes (120 words) - 16:38, 20 April 2014
  • ...>, <math>f(x)</math> starts at <math>2</math> and increases; clearly there is no zero here. ...h> starts at a positive number and increases to <math>\infty</math>; there is no zero here either.
    2 KB (405 words) - 13:26, 19 December 2020
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